God of War Ragnarok Characters

Top 10 God of War Ragnarok Characters

The God of War Ragnarok game is one that depicts Norse Mythology, alongside some very powerful in-game characters. In the course of this article, we will be doing in-depth coverage of the 10 best God of War Ragnarok characters. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


1. Ragnarok

Topping our list of best God of War Ragnarok characters is the almighty Ragnarok. Ragnarok is an in-game GoW character that can display feats of strength. He is known for dealing with gods in the franchise that are deemed unkillable. It is important for every GoW gamer to note that Ragnarok is a culmination of his wife’s heart, fire from the Blades of Chaos and Surtr. According to the game plot, the only thing that Ragnarok wants is the destruction of Asgard. With all these put together, it will not be wrong to assert that Ragnarok is the best GoW in-game character.

2. Kratos

The second best GoW character that we will be reviewing in this listicle is Kratos. According to the GoW game plot, Kratos is one of the oldest in-game characters. As gods get older, it is assumed that they get stronger. Kratos in this regard can be seen as a very strong god because he was much older than his time in Ancient Greece. In the GoW Ragnarok franchise, Kratos is an adversary as he can play out as the Ghost of Sparta that everyone dreads. Kratos is a game character that is designed for gamers that love murder sprees. He has the capacity to take on giants, gods and other sorts of gigantic structures around him.

3. Thor

This listicle about the 10 best God of War Ragnarok characters will not be complete without talking about Thor. Thor according to the GoW game plot sees himself as someone that wants to fight with Kratos (the Ghost of Sparta) at the peak of his rage. Thor makes the third place in this listicle because he was strong enough to wipe out all the giants from Jottanheim, and was able to ravish the nine realms with his Mjolnir.

4. Freya

The first female Character we will be ranking in this best GoW Ragnarok character is Freya. She is the Vanir goddess and an enemy of Kratos and Atreus. Her motivation for her murder sprees is the death of her son which she wants to revenge.

According to the game plot, she comes to terms with the fact that the person that needs to die above all is her former husband Odin. A character yet to be talked about in this listicle.

Freya is one of the god characters in the game that has good one-on-one combat prowess. Her prowess in combat is due to the fact that she was the former Queen of the Valkyries. The Valkyries according to Norse Mythology are seen as very great warriors. Her best weapons include a bow and a sword.


5. Odin

It is not a thing of surprise that Odin who is the king of the Aesir gods is in our listicle. Odin is one of the best spell casters in the GoW Ragnarok game. This influence of spell casting came from his former wife Freya. He harbours a selfish desire to survive and is armed with knowledge and his spear.

6. Heimdall

Heimdall is the bearer of Gjallarhorn, and also the god of Foresight, Foreknowledge, Surveillance, and Order. This character in GoW has the capacity to see and predict everything that happens and can perceive the thought of those he is in the room with. This knowledge is his greatest strength and places him in the 5th place of our listicle. The power of Heimdall is best used in gossip, and deploying tactical advantage in battle. Because Heimdall can see anything before it happens, no one can land a punch on Heimdall. It is important to note that one of the greatest threats that Kratos and Atreus face in their journey to the nine realms is Heimdall.

7. Garm

Garm is a game character that is seen in GoW as a hound. He is a gigantic wolf that is detained in Helheim. When not imprisoned, Garm can use his claws to create realm tears that will unleash the armies of Hel upon the nine realms. It is important to note that this game character in GoW is unkillable when without a soul.

8. Angrboda

This game character is one of the recent additions to the GoW franchise. She is counted as one of the last surviving giants just like Atreus. Another interesting fact about her is that she shares Atreus’ love for animals.

9. Brok

Another interesting game character worth reviewing is Brok. Brok is one of the returning game characters in the GoW Ragnarok franchise. He is a dwarf ally in the game that is combat worthy.

10. Thrud

Thrud is another interesting addition in the GoW Ragnarok game? She is the daughter of Thor and has some of her fathers’ features. Thrud is a game character that is known for her genuine nature and enthusiastic warrior spirit. With her in the GoW Ragnarok game, she offers deeper insight into the life story of Thor and also sheds some light on the life of her brothers Magdi and Modi.


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