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How To Toggle HUD On/Off In God Of War Ragnarok

One of the things that makes God of war Ragnarok gameplay interesting is its heads-up display. Most of the time, the God of War Ragnarok heads-up display gives the game a whole new vibe. For most gamers, it’s fun and inciteful, while other gamers find it a big turn-off. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a practical guide on how to toggle on or off the HUD in GoW Ragnarok. Without further mouthing let us delve in.


Guide On How To Toggle On Or Off HUD In GoW Ragnarok

In a bid to switch off the HUD mode in God of war Ragnarok, you do not need to go to the settings every single time. A gamer can simply create a shortcut for it, and then use the swiping motion on the game controller to get the desired result. Creating a shortcut can be found under the “Accessibility” option in the gameplay settings.

Follow the below-elucidated steps to turn on/off the HUD display in GoW:

  1. While playing the God of war game boss the game by using the options button on your controller.
  2. Head to the “settings” option, followed by the “gameplay” option.
  3. After selecting the “Gameplay option, scroll down to ” touchpad shortcuts”.
  4. Now proceed to choose the movement that you wish to assign your controller when you want to toggle on/off HUD in the game.
  5. After choosing the desired Touch Pad sequence for toggling on/off HUD, press circle(O) to go back to the game and test out the changes you made.

When you now have the ability to Toggle on/off your HUD in God of War Ragnarok, you can opt to enable it to see the beautiful gaming environment without any compass. You can also opt-out of the HUD mode in GoW with the swipe action that you assigned the controller. The HUD display in God of War Ragnarok brings some interesting perks to the table. For instance, a gamer can see the health bar of enemies that they are trying to kill and also see other on-screen details about the GoW gameplay.


HUD Display Help Developers 

How HUD Functionality can Help You In God Of War Ragnarok 

When the HUD mode is toggled on by a gamer, the GoW game will start to show information about the health bar of all the on-screen game characters. This way the gamer can tell if a character has lost a life or if the GoW game characters’ health bar is very low. With these in-game details, the player can find the nearest health kit or restoration point. Also worth noting is that with the HUD toggled on, you can see interesting stats about characters, some of which include; magic, strength, agility, etc.

How HUD Display Help Developers 

In the eyes of the GoW developers, HUD mode is used to keep gamers engaged in gameplay for a long duration of time. It is also used in curating data for leaderboards, high scores, rankings, and so on.

With HUD mode toggled on, it is easy to see in-game rewards and unlockables and gives the developers a chance to monetize the game with in-game purchases.


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