Asgardian Ingots In GoW

How To Get And Farm Asgardian Ingots In God Of War Ragnarok

One of the high-quality metals that you can find in the nine realms of Asgard is Asgardian Ingots. In the course of this article, we will be covering how to get and farm Asgardian ingots in God of War Ragnarok.


Guide To Get Asgardian Ingots 

The best way to get Asgardian ingots is to look around the game map for chests. The chest that the GoW gamer should be on the lookout for is the one referred to as a “coffin”. These coffins are known to have a glowing red light that emerges from their edges. This is why it is darn easy to spot them from a distance. Also worth noting is that Legendary and Nornir chests do not have any Asgardian ingots in them. However, they provide the gamer with other valuable rewards.

Farm Asgardian Ingots

For a start, one good location to get Asgardian ingots is during the Animal Instinct Favor where players need to remove raiders that are situated in the Lake of Nine. Some of the camps where these in-game raiders reside are known to have contained coffins that contain the much-needed Asgardian ingots.


Two Interesting Locations to Find Asgardian Ingots

  • When you complete the left set of Muspelheim Trials (Tier 3), Asgardian ingots can then be farmed with relative repetition. Playing the same in-game trial over and over again is a surefire way to farm endless Asgardian ingots.
  • Also worth noting is that Asgardian ingot can be found in large quantities from the Wishing Well located in Vanaheim. In a bid to go to this ingot location and farm, you need to finish “Favor: Scent of Survival”. After completion, the Wishing Well can be accessed through “The Sinkholes”, or “The Jungle”. The gamer will need to successfully destroy the Yellow Crystals that are located throughout the Crater area of Vanaheim. After the destruction, the Crystals will then be thrown into the Wishing Well. worth noting is that at the Wishing Well, there is an interaction point where you can throw the crystals. You will then be rewarded with crafting materials. This crafting material will then be used to farm ingots. The crystals will then be exchanged with Asgardian ingots.

Uses Of Asgardian Ingots In God Of War Ragnarock

It is important to note that Asgardian ingots are primarily used for crafting and improving the armour with Brok and Sindri. Also worth noting is that Lunda can make items with Asgardian ingots.

As an example, when you upgrade Lunda’s belt to level 7, it will cost the gamer two Asgardian ingots and 13,500 Hacksilver.

The amount will definitely vary, but God of War Ragnarok gamers can expect to typically have to use anywhere from one to four Asgardian Ingots to craft or upgrade the gaming gear. Asgardian Ingots can also be used for crafting weapons such as the Blades of Chaos and the Leviathan Axe.


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