How To Delete Facebook Dating Profile

How To Delete Facebook Dating Profile on Android and iPhone in 2023

In the course of this article, we will be looking at a practical guide on how to delete Facebook dating profile. Most people want to delete their Facebook dating profile because they wish to take a break from emotional entanglements that are brokered online.


Here are Steps on How to Delete your Facebook Dating Profile 

When you delete your Facebook dating profile, it will remove the likes that you have gathered, the matches, and the answers you filled out. Even if you decide to activate your Facebook Dating again, none of the data will return. What it will not remove, are items that are on your regular Facebook profile. The reason for this is that your regular profile is different from your Facebook Dating profile. The normal photos that you previously uploaded on Facebook will not be affected; neither will other things like messages from Messenger and friends. On the flip side, deleting your Facebook account will delete everything.

Here is a stepwise guide to delete your Facebook Dating profile:

  • Click on the Menu button at the top right for your Android or the bottom right for your iOS device.
  • Scroll down the user interface and select Dating. If you do not see this option, then expand the See More menu.
  • Proceed to click on the settings/gear icon that is on the top right of the user interface.
  • Then choose the general tab.
  • Scroll downwards to the Account section and click on Delete Profile.

“Take Break”: The Alternative To Deleting Your Facebook Profile 

As stated earlier, if you delete your Facebook profile, you will lose all important data. If you are not up for this, the best thing to do is to use the “take break” functionality. With this functionality, all the Facebook user needs to do is to state the reason why they want to leave and click Next.

When you use the Take Break functionality, Facebook Dating will stop matching you with new people. However, you will also be able to see persons who have already matched with you, or liked you.

  • Click on the Menu option
  • Then the Dating option
  • Then the Settings option
  • Then The General option
  • Scroll down to the Account section and click the button next to “Take a break”.
  • Click on the Continue option to pause your Facebook dating profile.

Deleting Your Facebook Profile Vs Using The Take Break Functionality, Which Is Better?

The option to go for depends on the result the Facebook user is expecting. If a user wants to stop using Facebook Dating totally, you should delete your profile, especially if you wish to try out other dating apps.

When you close your profile, it is as if you did not even open an account at all. This user based action will sever ties you have with matches. The user will not be able to contact their previous contacts with your Dating Profile, and all your past conversations will be deleted from your account.

This is where the “Take A Break” option comes into play. When you take a break, your conversations will not go away, as you can still message persons that you have connected with in the past.

The major thing about taking a break, is that you cannot be seen or see other Facebook Dating users.


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