How to Fix Blurry Discord Profile Picture

Do you have a profile picture that is blurry on Discord Mobile? When your PFP on the discord is blurry, it might be probably because you uploaded it on the Discord mobile app. Maybe at the time of making the upload in the app, there was some glitch of some sorts. When you have a blurry profile picture on discord, you would wind up with a bad look that is not visible to your friends online. This is why the need to know how to fix a blurry profile picture on Discord has arisen.
If you opt to change your discord profile picture via desktop, it would not be blurry. It is important to note that fixing a blurry profile picture on discord can be a bit challenging. The reason for this is that the gamer can only visit the website via
In the course of this article, we would be showing you a practical guide on how to fix a blurry/picture on your discord account.


This is How to Fix a Blurry Profile Picture on Discord

  • To be able to fix a discord blurry profile pic, you need to login to your personal discord account with a browser like safari or chrome.
  • After which you can then upload your profile picture in the “user profile” settings.
  • The moment you upload your profile picture in the desktop version of the discord gaming platform, it would no longer appear to be blurry.
  • However, if you decide to make an upload on your mobile app, it would turn out to be blurry. And as stated earlier, a mild glitch can be responsible for this outcome.

How to log in to Discord from your Browser

How to Fix Blurry Discord PFP
If you are using a pc, you can use a browser like the Safari or chrome. But if you are using a Smartphone, then you would need to use the URL “”.
If you don’t get any results from the url mentioned above, then, you need to follow the link to be able to login to your discord account. Also, on the discord website, there is a prompt that would show you how to download discord from the playstore or apple store.

How to Upload your Profile Picture after Logging in


After you are done with keying in your email address and password, the next step would be to upload your profile picture. This would take you to a user interface which is the discord homepage.
You would notice that the interface is not responsive, so you would need to zoom out a little so that you can be able to see everything that is on the page.
For Discord gamers that are using an iPhone, they would need to tap the “AA” icon that is on the top navigation bar. When they tap on the small “A” icon, they would zoom out of the page at a 50% scale. But if they Tap “AA”, they would zoom out on a scale of 100%. Zooming out would allow the Discord user to be able to see their screen fully.
The next practical step would be for the discord user to tap the gear icon that is close to their discord profile picture.
After they click on the gear icon, they would be taken to an interface that features their account settings. On the left sidebar, the discord user would also have other settings options. These options include; the “user profile”, “my account”, “privacy and safety”, and many more.
All you need to do is to tap on the user profile interface so that you would see an option to change the avatar on the site.
When the user clicks on the change avatar option, a navigation menu would open up, so that the user can go to the “Photo Library”, “Take Photo”, and upload.

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How to Change or Edit PFP on Discord Mobile

After the user taps on their photo library, it would open and show the photos in the system or phone.
Then the Discord user would have to navigate to the photo that they want to upload. The moment you find the profile picture that you want to upload on discord, all you need to do is to tap on it to select it.
After adding the photo, the next interface that would appear to the user would be for editing the photo. When you are done editing, you can then click on apply.


There is no specific recommendation for a discord user to change their pfp on the Discord mobile app. The reason for this is that it would make the picture to be pixilated or blurry. As buttressed in the article, one of the reasons why pfp is blurred is due to a glitch that is common when making pfp uploads on the mobile version of discord.


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