Top 10 Celebrities That Play League of Legends

The league of legends is a popular game that was released way back in the year 2009. This multi-player game features an intense battle where opponents strive to kill each other’s champions. Be it as it may, this game has gained traction due to the number of celebrities that indulge in it. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the top 10 celebrities that play the league of legends video game.


Top 10 Celebrities Who Play League of Legends

1. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
According to one of Justin Bieber’s tweets, he claimed that he played the League of Legends game, and that Teemo was his favorite champion. Also, a lot of popular celebrities have made claims to playing against Justin bieber.

2. Fred Durst

Fred Durst
Another interesting celebrity that plays the league of legends game is Fred Durst, who is the lead singer of limp Bizkit.  Did you know that Fred durst has his own League of legends stream on twitch.

3. Jared Polis

Jared Polis
The US congressman made an admission in a news outlet that he enjoys playing computer games like the popular league of legends.

4. Chris Kluwe

Chris Kluwe
Another popular celebrity that indulges with the league of legends game is Chris kluwe. He is known for having outspoken views on controversial topics like same sex marriage, and retired from professional football after he was released by the Vikings.
In one of his posts on social media, he appeared to be promoting the league of legends. In the video post made by Kluwe, he stated that he plays the league of legends in the AD carry position. He also went on to start that his favorite champion to play in the game is Vayne.
5. Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler
This popular actress is an avid gamer and has always publicized her love for the league of legends game. She has been in some time, criticized by other league of legends gamers for her poor performances which are visible with her low gamerscore.  On a viral facebook post, she stated that she does not play to be the best, but players because she loves the game.

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6. Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg
This popular English actor and comedian in a particular interview owned up to being an avid player of the league of legends video game. According to leagueofgraphs, a website that keeps track of the statistics of most players, Simon peg has a win rate of 49.9 %.

7. Mia Rose

Mia Rose
This lady is popular for acting porn videos. She has a twitch channel that has over 10 million views. Mia Rose is an avid player of the league of legends video game.

8. Gordon Hayward


Gordon Hayward
Another popular celeb that plays the league of legends is Gordon Hayward. In one of his tweets, he stated that if he played @KingJames 1-on-1, that he would crush him. He also published a blog, where he stated that nobody on earth was better than him in the league of legends game.

9. Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers
Jessie Rogers is a former Brazilian porn star that ended up reinventing herself as a gamer on twitch. In her stream, she attracted at least 5.9 million views till date and still counting.

10. Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher
This is a popular book writer that indulges in the league of legends video game. He is the renown author of Dresden Files and at a time on Reddit, posted that he was good at playing the league of legends game.

Other celebrities that play the League of Legends

Here are other interesting celebrities that play the league of legends video game.

Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher
Jordan fisher is a popular actor from the popular show on Netflix called “To all boys: P.S I still love you.” In that particular Tv shows, he plays an interesting role as Ambrose McClaren and is fond of playing online video games.
In the Valorant game, he reached the level of an immortal during quarantine. Coming to the League of legends game, Jordan Fisher took to his social media account at a certain time to mouth off on how good he was in the game.

Vin Disel

Vin Disel
For most reasons, Vin Disel does not surprise me to be in the list of celebs that play the popular League of legends. In a particular Machinima interview, Vin Disel spoke about the many benefits of video games, and mentioned that he was a big fan, and played the league of legends.

Dante Basco

Dante Basco
It might surprise you, but yes Dante is on the list of gamers that like to indulge in the popular league of legends. For most of us that don’t know much about this celebrity, he is from Hook, Jake from American Dragon and did the voice over for Zuko from Avatar: the last air bender.


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