How to be a Musician in Bitlife

Bitlife is an interesting simulation game where a gamer can live out their life. In the Bitlife simulation game, you can be whatever you wish to be. Music is a part of the Bitlife simulation. You can indulge in this form of entertainment in the Bitlife game. In the course of this article, we will be looking at how you can get a music career in Bitlife.


Guide on how to Get A Music Career in Bitlife

how to Get A Music Career in Bitlife
There are lots of career paths that a gamer can opt for, but singing is an exceptional one. Singing in Bitlife is a fun and interesting way to make yourself happy. This guide is dedicated to showing how to become a successful singer in Bitlife. The best tip is not to focus on instruments, but to level the necessary skills. In the simulated Bitlife game, you need to take vocal lessons and then go on to develop cool singing talents. It is important for a Bitlife gamer to note that there is a separate menu doing that, other than the menu for getting instruments.

How To Become A Famous Singer In Bitlife 


The moment your chapter in the Bitlife game becomes 18, then you have access to the option to go to the special careers which is under the occupation tab and then try to become a solo artist. It is important to note that in the occupations tab, you can also sign up with a record label. The gamer needs to know that once you get signed by the record label, you are on the right foot with your Bitlife simulated music career.
Also worth noting is that the gamer should work on increasing their voice skill as much as they can. You need to pass the 90% mark for some bands and record labels to give you an option to apply your voice. This is why it is important to have a part time simulated music career in Bitlife.

How to Become a Solo Artist in Bitlife

The first step to becoming a solo artist in bitlife is to create your own character and then age it six years. When the Bitlife character is 6 years old, you will then need to go to the body and mind up and find the instruments option. It is from this tab that your Bitlife character will be able to take music lessons from Bitlife.
However, alongside the instrument, you will need to use the character to take voice lessons before you can become a solo artist.
Also worth noting is that the character will need to practice both talents every year as they age until they finish high school.

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The moment your character has high talent in both voice and instruments, then you can go ahead and try applying for record labels in Bitlife. Then your Bitlife character can work as a solo artist under a job called Musician.
It is important to note that the Musician tab can be found under the Special Careers tab. The special Careers tab in Bitlife can be found under the General Special Careers tab. From then on, your Bitlife character will be receiving job offers from bands if the talent of your character is high in instruments and voice.
Simply put, improving your voice and instruments of your Bitlife character is a sure-fire way to get a music career in Bitlife.


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