How to Store Items on Horse in Red dead Redemption 2

In the Red dead Redemption 2 game, there are some items that can be stored on a horse, and there are items that can’t be stored thereto. Some of the items that can be stored include; Revive Tonics, Stamina Tonics, health Tonics, etc. you can also go on to store your brush and horse food on the horse. This feature of storing items on a horse in red dead redemption 2 can only be used when near a horse.


How to Store Items on Horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

To store an Item on a horse in red dead redemption, the player would need to go near the horse and press the LB/L1 button. Then the next step would be to use the RB/R1 button to tab over to the horse menu. You can access this feature only when you are close to the horse or you are riding it.

There are different item types that you game character in red dead redemption 2 can store on a horseback. Some of these item types include; multiple outfits, hats that the players character collects, and masks that they wear.
You can also store new clothing items that can be stored automatically on the horseback. A player can also use a horse to store new alternative outfits for hot or cold weather environments.

When the player is at the vendors that have these items, they can select the new outfit that they want to buy and equip the character on the spot. For instance, if a player should buy a hat, it would be added automatically to the inventory of the horse.

In a bid for the player’s character to arrange their wardrobe, they would need to go to your wardrobe. This can be done at your campsite, hotel or campsite. Whenever you use a wardrobe at any of these locations, you can remove the outfits from the horse and add outfits to the horse’s inventory.

Can a Player Move Items from their Personal Satchel to Their Horse Satchel?

Most RDR 2 Players find it difficult to figure out how they can move items form themselves to the horse. Some player complains in some gaming forums that when they stand next to the horse, they can’t see a way to move the items to the horse’s inventory.

Truth is, you can’t do such. This is because the “horse cargo” category in the game is the place you find the carcasses, the pelts, etc. it is important to note that the horse category is not a place to store your looted items easily.


Items can be sold by making interactions with them while you are on your horse. The only items that a player can move from their satchel to the satchel of the horse are their personal clothing.  To do this, they have to go to the end of your bed in the gang camp, then select the clothing. After this, the next course of action would be to press the Square or X button to make the clothing go to the horse’s satchel.

How to use Horse Cargo and Inventory

First of all, it is important to note that there are limits to doing this in the game. The horse of a RDR 2 player has the capacity to store masks, hats, skins, weapons, and even pelts.  Items that cannot be stored include; food, jewelry, and other items that players regularly loot.

To use a horse cargo, approach the horse in the game, then press the necessary button.

How can you access clothes from a horse?

A player might sometimes want to access the clothing that they stored on the horseback. When you are near the horse mount, open the weapon wheel and press R1 (RB) to switch to the wheel of the horse. Here, the RDR 2 player would find all the outfits that he is looking for. Some of the outfits they can find include; hats, masks, etc.

How to increase the Horse inventory and Make a Horse hold More Skins and Items in Red dead Redemption 2

In the red dead redemption game, this can be done by upgrading the horse satchel.  By upgrading, you can be able to maximize your horse inventory and carry everything that you need as an RDR player.

The best way to upgrade your horse inventory in the game is to get Mr. Pearson to craft a new satchel for the player at camp. For each item you want to upgrade its carrying capacity, you would need three different types of perfect pelt. You can also get some legendary animals in the game to do just that.

Here is a list of upgraded bags that the player can craft in camp:

  • Ingredients satchel
  • Tonics Satchel
  • Kit Satchel
  • Provisions Satchel
  • Materials Satchel
  • Valuables Satchel and
  • Legend of the East Satchel

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