Weapons Wheel Flickering Glitch Fix V1.05

Far Cry 6 Weapons Wheel Flickering Glitch Fix V1.05

The Far Cry 6 video game is an interesting video game that has a large following but has a lot of bugs in it. Ubisoft is the developer of the Far Cry 6 game, and since they launched the game, there have been bugs and glitches that make the game unplayable. One of the most popular glitches you can experience in the game is with the weapon wheel. If that is why you are here, we got you covered.


In the course of this article, we will walk you through a guide on the Weapons wheel flickering glitch in Far Cry 6. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Guide On Far Cry 6 Weapon Flickering Glitch

If you are in the middle of combat, and the weapon wheel glitches, and does not come up again, simply press the default O button on your keyboard to see if the issue is resolved.
This glitch can occur in a co-op and has other in-game mechanics that sometimes trigger the glitch. An example is that whenever game players fast travel, the weapon wheel tends to glitch.

The best fix that can be used for this glitch in Far Cry 6 is to close the game and reload it. Thankfully, there is no other long step-by-step procedure to follow. If you try to leave the game by saving the file and reloading it, the fix will not work. In light of this, continuing the save file, the O button on the keyboard will still not be able to bring up the weapon wheel.

All the gamer needs to do is to quit the desktop and then go ahead to restart the Far Cry 6 game. As stated earlier, this will help to clear up the issues and the game, alongside the weapons wheel functionality will be fully functional. Also worth noting is that restarting your client is another way to fix the glitch.


The two times in Far Cry 6 gameplay where you will likely encounter this glitch is during a co-op or fast traveling. Stopping the session and joining back does solve the issue. Also, the gamer does not need to re-download the whole game or verify game files.

Another related problem is selecting a weapon via the weapon wheel on PS5. This happens to gamers after they have installed the update v1.05. Most times, you can get your weapon wheel to start working after doing a hot-swap of your weapon. But that fix does not stop the game from randomly stopping working. The glitch usually looks like rapid highlighting and unhighlighting of weapon options.

According to an online community, having a weapon changed the Rate of Fire (RoF). If you replace the weapon that you changed its rate of fire with another weapon, the Far Cry 6 game will not be bugged anymore. Also, avoid weapons that have unchangeable RoF.

Another interesting point worth making is that there is no need to change your controller as the problem is not coming from it. The flickering is internal with the Far Cry 6 game.


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