Final Fantasy XV: Where to find all Red Frogs, Yellow and Rainbow Frogs

One of the most intriguing quests that are featured in the Final Fantasy XV game is the Frogs of Legend quest. This quest involves the gamer finding the professor’s protege red frog locations. Well, the purpose of this article is to equip you with the technical know-how of how you can go about this quest.


Where to find Red Frogs in FFXV game

In the professor’s protégé quest, finding a red frog is quite easy. All you need to do is to first meet Sania at the Coernix station outpost that is in alstor. In the first part of this interesting quest, you would be sent by Sania to get 5 frogs from Alstor slough. It is important to note that the location of the lake that you need to go to is just south of where you met her.
It is important for the player to note that the frogs do not come out in the daytime. There are also huge chances that not all five red frogs would spawn as indicated in your minimap.

When the gamer pays close attention to the minimap at night, they would see the red frogs spawn in the following locations;

  • One on the southwestern edge of the Marked area
  • Another is in the middle of a marked area where there is an exclamation mark.
  • Also, another red frog in the game can be seen at the northernmost side of the marked area that is close to a dead tree.
  • The last red frog can be found south of where the first frog was found.

Where to find the Yellow Frogs in FFXV

The next encounter that the game character would have with Sania is in the outpost that is near the causcherry plains. The new task that is assigned to your game character would be to find five yellow frogs. Just like the Red Frog catching guide that was elucidated above, the player would need to keep an eye on the minimap.
Here are the locations of the five yellow frogs in the game;

  • The first yellow frog can be found several steps west of the pier with the finishing spot
  • The next yellow frog can be found by the gamer by the western entrance
  • The third yellow frog can be found next to the treasure chest icon that is east of the finishing spot.
  • The fourth yellow frog can be found on the southeastern coast of the lake next to a rock formation.
  • The last yellow frog can be found wedged between rocks that are on the south side of the lake.

Where the gamer can spot the Rainbow Frogs

To start the quest for getting the Rainbow Frogs, you would need to take your game character to the outpost that is near Risorath Basin, which is east of Vesperpool. Here, the gamer would find Sania in the same location. She would then ask you to go and find 5 rainbow frogs.

The problem is that by this time, she would not even offer to show the player the exact locations. The sparse hint that she has for you is that they live near water.


It is important to note that you can use the loud croaks of the frogs to get to them. In fact, in the FFXV game, the croaks would get louder as you got closer to the frogs.

How to get all five rainbow frogs;

  • 1st rainbow frog

It is important for the player to note that the rainbow frog hides around one of the lakes that is situated in the southwestern Alstor slough. In the game, it is the second-largest lake that is around.
The rainbow frog in this location likes to hide among the trees, so keep an ear out for loud croaks.

  • 2nd Rainbow Frog

The next rainbow frog is definitely not too far away. The gamer can proceed and find it on the east side of the pond that is next to the saxham outpost. The frog that you are looking for is just hiding behind the big boulder that is next to some low growth. When you listen to the croaking well, you will find it easily.

  • 3rd Rainbow Frog

To get this third rainbow frog, the player would need to do a fair bit of traveling. It is important for the gamer to understand the frog is located on the western bank of the Vesperpool, just in the north of the Vesperpool fishing spot. The third rainbow frog here is sitting on a muddy island.

  • The 4th Rainbow frog location

After getting the third rainbow frog, you would need to hit the road again. The next frog that you need to find is hiding in the place where the river splits into two east of Ravatoghan Trail. The gamer would need to go to the western bank and find the frog literally sitting under a rock.

  • The 5th Rainbow Frog location

The last frog in this search for a rainbow frog in the Proffesor’s Protégé quest is the 5th rainbow frog. Here, the player would need to head to the river bank that is in the southeast corner of the facility. While walking along, the game character would find a large rock that is just before it; the frog is just hiding behind it.

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