Dollar Tree Payment Methods

All Dollar Tree Payment Methods In-Store and How to use them

Dollar Tree is one of the big-name brands in the US. In the course of this article, we will be looking at interesting ways that  Dollar Tree customers can make payments in store.


1. Debit Card 

One interesting payment method that Dollar Tree customers use In-store is the debit card. This could either be a Visa Card, American Express or a MasterCard. To make your purchase with a debit card at Dollar Tree, you have to ensure that you have enough funds in your bank account that is linked to your debit card.

After selecting the items you wish to buy, simply head to the cashier counter and ask for the payment terminal. Most debit cards have the tap-and-go functionality. This means that you can use a payment terminal to tap your card and leave after a buzz sound.

 2. Cash Payment

The use of cash is an old-school approach to making purchases for your items at Dollar Tree. After you are done selecting the purchase items of your choosing at Dollar Tree, you will take your cash to the checkout lane to meet the Dollar Tree cashier.

The cashier will then go through your purchased items and give you a bill. Then the last phase of the transaction involves handing over the accurate amount in cash to complete your purchase.

3. EBT/ Food Stamps 

Food stamps cannot be used online to make purchases at Dollar Tree. It can only be used in-store for Dollar Tree food items.


The use of your Food stamps card is very much self-explanatory. It is similar to the use of debit and credit cards. EBT/ Food stamps cards can be used by swiping it and keying in your  PIN. If there are Dollar Tree items that are not covered under your SNAP benefits, you will have to make separate payments for them using cash or debit cards.

Always bear in mind that you should designate the accurate SNAP benefits for your Dollar Tree benefits.

4. PayPal Discovery

Another interesting in-store payment method is PayPal Discover. You have to have a verified PayPal account, then select the PayPal Discovery checkout option on the app. Head to a payment checkout option, and select PayPal Discovery. You will get an on-screen notification on your phone indicating that your transaction was successful.

5. Paypal Credit 

Just like PayPal Discovery, you can also use PayPal Credit at Dollar Tree stores. The major difference is that PayPal credit involves the use of an overdraft loan. You can pay with an advance, and recover the balance in due time. Contactless payments are allowed, and this means that you can use the PayPal app to scan your purchases.


Dollar Tree has stores littered all around the United States of America.  They are bent on providing their customers with household essentials and other interesting merch for low-income families.

Outside their unmatchable prices, they accept EBT payments, debit cards, PayPal Credit, PayPal Discovery, and cash,  thus making it easier to access food and other eligible items.


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