Does Dollar Tree take Apple Pay

Does Dollar Tree take Apple Pay in 2024

One of the big name Dollar stores in the US is Dollar Tree. Given that it has an ever-increasing customer base, it will be accurate to assert that a popular payment method such as Apple Pay might be accepted at Dollar Tree. That is what this article is bent on covering. In the course of this article, we will answer a popular question that Apple Pay users always  ask: “does dollar tree take Apple Pay?” Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


Short Answer

The short answer is yes, you can use Apple Pay only in Dollar Tree stores, but not online. This is due to an announcement they made on their official Twitter handle, where they iterated that Apple Pay could be used across in-store registers. However, the FAQ section of their website states that it is not accepted online.

Knowing that Dollar Tree accepts Apple Pay in their stores, is one thing, and knowing how to use it is another. Read on to fully grasp how to use Apple Pay in a physical Dollar Tree store.

Guide On How To Use Apple Pay In A Dollar Tree Store

Given that Dollar Tree has now installed contactless payment methods on its platforms, Apple Pay can now be used in a brick-and-mortar Dollar Tree store.

  • Head to the cashier with your Apple Device to make a payment.
  • For iPhones, double press the side of your phone to open the Apple Pay functionality.
  • The next prompt will be to login with your Face ID or Touch ID.
  • After logging in, select a card that you previously added to your Apple Pay app.
  • Take the iPhone to the NFC payment terminal that is at the cashier point of the Dollar Tree store.
  • You will be debited if the transaction on Apple Pay was successful.

For using Apple Pay with Apple Watches on Dollar Tree, follow the following guidelines:

  • With your Apple Watch, double press the side of your phone to launch the Apple Pay user interface on the Apple Watch.
  • Swipe to select the payment card that is connected to your Apple Pay account, and this is visible on the Watch.
  • Head to the cashier point at the Dollar Tree store, and take the Watch near the NFC terminal.
  • The Watch will buzz if the payment has been confirmed.

Other Payment Methods That Are Accepted At Dollar Tree Stores

In addition to the Apple Pay payment method, other payment methods accepted by Dollar Tree include Mastercard, Visa cards, Cards that are built with Tap-and-pay functionality, Debit cards, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and so on. Of all these payment methods, the Apple Pay payment method is the most convenient of all of them.

Payment Methods That Dollar Tree Accepts Online

If you are using Dollar Tree for an online order, the payments that they accept in-store, differ from the ones that they take online. For a start, the much-talked-about Apple Pay can only be used in-store but not online. Google Pay and Samsung Pay cannot be used online at Dollar Store. But they accept Debit cards, Master Cards, and Paypal online.


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