In-n-out Payment Methods

All In-n-out Payment Methods and How to Use Them

Payment gateways used by most brands are getting smarter and more seamless. In-N-Out which is a brand without a loud online presence accepts online payment methods inside their restaurants. If you continue reading this blog post, we will give you a review of all the payment methods that are accepted by In-N-Out.


1. Payment With Credit Cards

In-n-out Payment

Food can be paid for in In-N-Out with credit cards. Although they might not take all kinds of credit cards from fintech companies, they accept the following;

  • Mastercard Credit Card
  • Discover Credit card
  • Amex (American Express cards)

With your credit card having a good enough credit score, you can buy food at In-N-Out.

2. Payment with Debit Cards

Another interesting way to make payments for food inside the In-N-Out restaurants is with the use of debit cards. With a debit card, all you need to do is to have enough account balances that will be used for payment. Your debit card can be a swipe debit card or the type that needs to be inserted into a payment terminal.


3. Payment with Samsung Pay At In-N-Out

Samsung Pay can be used to pay for food in In-N-Out restaurants. What separates the Samsung Pay app from other apps is that it can be used with point-of-sale machines that do not support NFC technology. The reason for this is that In-N-Out has payment terminals that support Magnetic Secure Transmission technology or MST, and Samsung Pay can work with them.

To pay for your food in In-N-Out, head to the counter, and ask if they support NFC or MST POS terminals. Then log in to your Samsung Pay app and scan for payment.

4. Payment with Google Pay 

Other than the use of Samsung Pay, Google Pay can also be used to make payments for food at In-N-Out. Simply head to the counter, they have POS terminals that accept Google Pay. Launch the Google Pay app and scan to make your food purchase.

5. Paying With Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is more like a card that is independent of your bank account. Ensure that the Prepaid card that you are using has enough balance in it. After or before you eat at the In-N-Out restaurant take the Prepaid card to the POS terminal and make your payment.

6. Payment With Apple Pay

Another payment method that In-N-Out takes is Apple Pay. 60% of USA citizens make use of Apple devices. Here is a stepwise guide on how to use the Apple Pay app to pay for your food on In-N-Out:

  1. With your iPhone device, double-click on the side button.
  2. This will cause Apple Pay to open.
  3. Follow the prompts to confirm your identity.
  4. Proceed to choose a payment card on your Apple Wallet.
  5. Head to the counter in the In-N-Out restaurant and keep your phone near the payment terminal.
  6. There will feel a buzz on your iPhone if the payment goes through.
  7. The user will see a green checkmark and ‘Done’ on their iPhone screen.
  8. This is it. You have successfully paid for your food on In-N-Out with Apple Pay.

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