Grocery Stores that take Apple Pay

Top 10 Grocery Stores that take Apple Pay

Over 60% of smartphone users in America own iPhones. This puts Apple Pay usage at its highest numbers. You expect every grocery store in America to accept Apple Pay as their default payment method. However, this is not the case. Some grocery stores in the US take Apple Pay, while others don’t. In the course of this article, we will be looking at the top 10 grocery stores that take Apple Pay.


Here are the Top 10 Grocery Stores that take Apple Pay

1. Target


 Target can be generally described as the number one competition of Walmart. They top our list, because of their popularity, and their acceptance of Apple Pay as a payment method. It won’t be out of place to call Target an “everything grocery store”. Although they are a pricier grocery store, they take the popular Apple Pay that Walmart does not take.

In order to use Apple Pay on Target, all you need to do is to wait for the cashier to ring up your items. After this, you can then proceed to use Apple Pay by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on the credit card scanner at Target.

2. Aldi


Aldi is one of the leading grocery stores with over 2000 locations in the US. The Aldi grocery store takes Apple Pay as a form of payment. In order to use Apple Pay inside an Aldi store, take your cart down the self-checkout aisle. Then double tap the side button in a bid to confirm your purchase. Next up, you will have to hold your iPhone device closer to the credit card machine until your purchase is registered. One thing that makes the Aldi grocery store stand out from most grocery stores in America is that they offer products with cheap pricing.

3. Albertsons


Another interesting grocery store with over 2000 locations and accepting Apple Pay is Albertson’s grocery store. Although, due to the inflation of grocery prices, most Americans prefer to shop outside with dollar stores and discount retailers. All the same, the Albertsons grocery store still manages to maintain its customer base. All you need is the Apple Pay app that is activated. After selecting your grocery items, head to the self-checkout aisle to use Apple Pay with the credit card scanner.

4. Bashas


This listicle will not be complete without enlisting Bashas as a leading grocery store that accepts Apple Pay. The Bashas grocery store stands out because they reject other payment methods but accept Apple Pay. Some other payment methods that are not allowed in a Basha’s grocery store include the following: Samsung Pay, Alipay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and cryptocurrency.

5. BJS Wholesale Club

BJS Wholesale Club

This grocery store is a bit different from other stores, in that it is a bit separatist. The BJ’S grocery store is an American-only store. They make our listicle because they are one of the biggest grocery stores in America, and they take Apple Pay. There are a lot of perks attached to being a part of the BJ’s Wholesale club. Using Apple Pay inside this grocery store. Simply head to the self-checkout aisle and use your Apple Watch or iPhone to scan the reader and make payment.

6. Carrs



The Carrs grocery store is special because it does not only offer groceries, but it also offers you a pharmacy and a gas station.

Just like all other stores in this listicle, they take Apple Pay as a payment option. It is important to note that Alaska, they are the second largest supermarket chain in the state of Alaska. This is because they are subsidiaries of Albertson.

7. CVS


It was recently that CVS ventured into the sales of groceries in the US. As one of the top grocery stores in America, they accept Apple Pay. After getting your groceries in your cart in a CVS store, kindly head to a cashier, who will check your purchases, and prompt you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to make a payment.

8. Family Dollar

Family Dollar grocery store

The name Family Dollar might cause you to assert that they are a discount store. However, they are not, they are one of the big name-grocery store brands in America. They have locations scattered across the US, except in Hawaii, Washington and Alaska. They are also known for selling groceries at the lowest cost.

The Family Dollar grocery store accepts Apple Pay. In fact, you can use the Family Dollar online store to place an order and pay with Apple Pay. You can also use the Family Dollar brick-and-mortar store to make your grocery purchase and still check out your cart items with the Apple Pay app.

9. Winn-Dixie


In the southern part of the United States Winn-Dixie is one of the most popular grocery store businesses. What majorly separates them from the competition is that they have rewards programs for their shoppers that are loyal.

Winn-Dixie is a grocery store that has over 500 stores littered across Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Just like other grocery stores in our listicle, they take Apple Pay.

10. Publix


Publix is a grocery store that is very popular on the south side of the US. They are dubbed as an everything-supermarket according to review sites. They accept Apple Pay as a means of Payment. You can use the self-checkout aisle and make payments with your iPhone or Apple Watch.


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