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Whimsy Games: A Leading Mobile Game Development Company with a Creative Edge

Whimsy Games is a game development company that uses the Unity platform to create sophisticated, innovative, and interactive games for desktop, mobile, consoles, and other devices. The company provides profitable and innovative products. They have a team of professionals knowledgeable enough to deliver high-quality games, are aware of current trends, and are dedicated to developing games players enjoy.


Whimsy Games provides mobile game development services to companies of all sizes. They offer 2D and 3D game art, environment and concept and art, 3D modeling, character design, and pixel and voxel art design services with a track record of delivering innovative products that meet the needs of users of all types. Whimsey Games provides the best platform for creating dynamic gaming experiences for users.

Whimsy Games Development Services

2D Game Art: Whimsy Games creates 2D games from concept through completion to produce flawless vector graphics.

Environment design: The company has a team of experts who can create exceptional genre designs, such as 2D and 3D designs.

Pixel and Voxel Art Design: They provided pixel and voxel art games of varying complexity.

Character Design: Whimsey Games uses novel methods and trends to create breathtaking characters.

3D Game Art: The organization has a team of 3D experts who can provide clients with 3D creative services.

Environment Concept Art: The team includes skilled designers who can create an engaging game environment.

Concept Art: They offer concept art services that are creative, dedicated, and professional, allowing clients to imagine a visual world before the development process begins.

3D Modeling: Whimsy Games offers 3D modeling for video games to help clients create realistic characters and game settings that enhance the immersive gaming experience.


Whimsy Games: Mobile Game Development Phases

The mobile development process is lengthy and follows a step-by-step method. Here are the phases of mobile game development with Whimsy Games:

Game concept

It is the first stage of mobile game development in which designers map out the game concept before beginning the script, design, and development procedures. It is a crucial stage that includes game genres, graphic designs, etc.

Before production

It is the stage at which all teams brainstorm the entire process. It entails determining development tools, structures, structural scalability, and other factors.

The manufacturing procedure

It is a critical stage in the development of mobile games that includes development mechanics and a business model. This stage concerns adapting the process to new requirements and optimizing functionality.


Any game app, whether casino or typical, must undergo a testing phase to ensure that the outcome is high quality, meets market standards and fulfills the users’ expectations. It includes functional testing, projecting potential issues, and so on. Testing can be done manually or automatically.


It is the game’s release phase, but it is only available in certain countries. If the product performs well, the developers of Whimsy Games will evaluate the game users. It entails gathering statistics, feedback, and other issues to fix it before releasing it to the public.


The release of a game app may be the final stage of a lengthy development process. However, the product’s support is ongoing, and it uses user feedback to update and improve the product’s functionality.

Product promotion

It is the stage at which your product will be on the market via marketing strategies and campaigns such as presentations, game trailers, social media postings, etc.

Whimsy Games Portfolio

Whimsy Games has been serving game businesses of all sizes for eight years, with an excellent reputation and first-rate services. The company takes pride in accumulating a reputable, solid game portfolio of various game artworks, such as 2D and 3D, that align with game requirements, user experience, and timeframe. Whimsy has completed 98 projects and currently has eight active projects. Its goal is to provide quality products that meet market standards, immersive gaming experiences, and innovative game artworks that align game trends.


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