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What Does Respiration Do in Minecraft? Respiration Detailed

You may want to know what Respiration does in MinecraftIn the Minecraft video game, having Max armor is a big feat. This feat however takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. There are different enchantments that are meant for helping the players in different aspects of their life throughout the Minecraft game. Some of these enchantments like Channeling help the player to attack, move with speed, and even breathe.
When it comes down to maximizing the armor of a player, respiration is one of the best enchantments that a player can work hard to get.
In the course of this article, we will be doing a brief overview of what the respiration enchantment is, how it works, and why most players crave to have it in your armor set.


What Does Respiration Do in Minecraft game?

The truth is that the sole purpose of the respiration enchantment in the game is to help a player to breathe underwater.  start this effect Minecraft players can only hold their breath underwater for 15 seconds before they run out of air. with the aid of a respiration enchantment in Minecraft, players can elongate that amount of time.
What Does Respiration Do in Minecraft?

What are the different levels of the respiration Enchantments?

The respiration enchantment in the Minecraft game can be divided into three tiers: I, II, and III. With each level of enchantment there are 15 seconds of added time to Minecraft game player.  What it implies is that with Tier 1,  a play can stay for 15 seconds, and with Tier II, the player can stay for 30 Seconds.
The respiration period can also be increased by adding the Aqua affinity enchantment.  This is what helps Minecraft players to breathe underwater for an extended period of time.

The Importance of the respiration enchantment?

  1. The respiration enchantment is a very important approval for Minecraft players that want to spend ample time underwater. It is best utilised when the players are searching for shipwrecks, underwater sea temples and blocks.
  2. if a player wants to defeat the Guardian of a sea temple, the respiration enchantment is a must-have.
  3. here the player is completely submerged under the water,  and is forced to attack the Guardians and the Elder guardian underwater.
  4. Another great importance of the respiration enchantment is that it is a nice way for players to be able to collect blocks like sand gravel and clay.  which they can use while they are underwater.
  5. So these blocks that are found on the water include prismarine, sponge, and prismarine stairs.  it can be sometimes very difficult to collect these types of blocks without the aid of an enchantment.

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How to Get the Respiration Enchantment


A player can add the respiration enchantment to any helmet with the aid of an enchanting table. An anvil and a game command is also needed. With the steps that are listed below, you can add the respiration to the players helmet with an enchantment table.

  • First step involves opening the enchanting screen with a right-click on the table. When you do this the screen shows a menu that has options for placing items.
  • Second step is to select a helmet or turtle shell that you want to enchant/
  • Then, Power the enchantment table with lapis Lazuli. When you place the item on the table there are three options that will appear on the right side of the graphic user interface.
  • Finally, select the Respiration Option.

How to use a Respiration to craft a Turtle Shell in the Minecraft game

Respiration in Minecraft?
If a Minecraft player is wearing a bottle shop on their helmets they would receive breathing status effects that last for 10 seconds.  If the effect is combined with the respiration enchantment the total time would be increased to 70 seconds.  To be able to apply respiration to the Shell of the turtle, all that needs to be done is to place it on an enchantment table with the shell.


Which is better: respiration or Aqua affinity?

Respiration Aqua Affinity
This is a minecraft enchantment that a player to be able to breath while under water. This is another ability that helps a player to increase the speed at which they mine.
The Respiration ability has a maximum power level of 3 This one has only a maximum power level of 1
The weight of the respiration enchantment in minecraft is 2 The weight of the aqua affinity  enchantment is also 2
With the aid of this enchantment, a player can decrease drowning damage This enchantment does not help with drowning damage

With the above listed and illustrated differences, what type of enchantments have the opinions and special use. However, in a bid to get the maximum experience from both enchantments, it is better to combine them.
Most Minecraft players who use both enchantments can be able to mine at a greater rate.

How good is respiration 3?

With the help of a level 3 respiration enchanted helmet, a player can get 45 more seconds of breathing underwater.


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