How to Lock Doors in Fallout 76

How to Lock Doors in Fallout 76 Xbox, PS4 and PC

There are scenarios where other players in Fallout 76 visit other people’s camps or workshops and steal their hard and minerals.
The best way to curb this problem is to lock away your minerals from other players in Fallout 7 6. In the cause of this article, we are going to be looking at the best way to lock doors in Fallout 76 on both PS4 and PC gaming platforms.


5 Steps to Lock Doors in Fallout 76

  1. Equip  what you want to lock with at least three picklock perk cards
  2. Next up, go into the modify mode within the camp or workshop where you keep your minerals.
  3. Use your player character in Fallout 76 and face the door or extractor which you want to lock.
  4. Using the menu open the lock by pressing on the lock key
  5. Then choose the level of luck that you want to apply to the door.

These are the five simple steps to take when you want to lock doors in Fallout 76. But that is not all, we are going to elucidate on all these steps individually so that a player will have deep knowledge about how to lock doors.

Equipping with Up To Three Picklock Perk Cards

It is important to note that there are at least three different lockpick perk cards in Fallout 76.  Each of these cars can increase the lockpicking skill of a player by one.  Not only that, it also increases the lock picking “sweet spot” by a percentage of 10.
It is important to bear in mind that these three picklock perk cards are very much interchangeable. A player, for instance, can choose to apply a level 1 lock on a door of a camp or extractor with any of the three cards.

Enter Modify Mode inside Your Camp or Workshop

For a player to be able to access the modify mode, you have to first enter the workshop mode. The following are the different default keys for the various gaming platforms of Fallout 76.

  • PC  PC gaming platform= Hold down the V key
  •  XB1 gaming platform= Hold down the View button
  • PS4 gaming platform= Hold down the Touchpad button

When you use any of the above-stated keys you will enter into build mode. You can also use the menu to switch to modify mode. For that he had the following controls that can be used in different gaming platforms:

  • PC gaming platform =  press the TAB button
  • PS4 gaming platform= press the Circle button
  • XB1 gaming platform = press the B button

With these controls, you are now in the modified mood and you should now be able to lock up your minerals from other players that steal.


Make your Fallout 76 character to Face the Door or Extractor That You Want To Lock

How to Lock Doors in Fallout 76
Now let’s move on to the next step, which involved fixing the door or extractor that a player wants to lock. The next step to follow is to set your crosshairs so that they are over the top of the door or extractor.
Picks For You:

Open your Lock Menu By Pressing down The Lock Key

Now that the player in Fallout 76 has targeted the lock menu, they would notice that the bottom has changed. The option that the player would see to the far left by then should have changed to lock. Depending on the gaming platform that the player is using for fallout 76, here are the following keys that can be used to perform the action:

  • PC game platform = F button
  • XB1 game platform= A button
  • PS4 game platform= L2 button

Choose the Level of Lock that you want to Apply

In this step, the player would see a menu on the upper left side of the screen. The options on that mean you are simply the lock options that are available to the player in Fallout 76.  If you move from the top to the bottom of this menu on the gaming platform use the following options:

  • Remove Lock
  • Level 0 Lock
  • Level 1 Lock
  • Level 2 Lock
  • Level 3 Lock

With the first option being an exception, all other options cost a reasonable amount of resources because of the lock difficulty.  For those lock levels, you will need the same amount of lockpick skill.
The Fallout 76 player should be able to see the resource requirements on the right-hand side of the screen. If they do not meet the criteria for a certain lock, they will not be able to choose that option. With these very empirical steps, you have been able to lock your doors in the game world of Fallout 76.

The Major reasons why a player should Lock Their Doors and Extractors

Locking your extractors actually helps to deter other players from taking materials that those extractors have been able to gather. It is important to note that the door locks do not prevent other players from coming to your extractors, it only deters them. Meanwhile, metal security doors in fallout 76 provide the best security for its players belonging.


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