Walking Dead Cats – Are There No Cats in Walking Dead Comics Or TV Series

One of the most popular TV series and comics for over a decade is the Walking Dead. It is a movie that is set round about a group of people who are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead TV series or Comics features things that occur in real life. For instance. In the Walking dead, dogs are still man’s best friend. However, cat lovers can help but wonder why cats are not included in the TV series Comics of the Walking Dead. If you are waiting for a cat to show up in the Walking Dead, then you are probably out of luck. Continue reading if you wish to know why cats are not included in the Walking Dead, keep on reading.


Everything You Need To Know About Cats And The Walking Dead

If you are a part of the Walking dead fandom, you will come to terms with the fact that animals are not a major part of the storyline. With the exception of dogs, most animals are not present in the Walking Dead’s comics or TV series. This has caused most of The Walking Dead fandom to jump to the assumption that the animals are all dead.

Why Cats Are Not In Walking Dead?


The creator of the Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman stated that humans were supposed to be the focus on the set and not animals. Although in the course of the interview, he did not give a specific reason why the comic artists excluded cats. He further went on to state that the artist that was drawing the comic book loved drawing people, and zombies, but did not enjoy drawing animals so much.

Finding Out Why Cats Are Not In Walking Dead By Making It A Real Life Scenario

If the Walking Dead zombie apocalypse were real, cats will be smart enough to stay away. On a normal note, cats usually hide out in the wild and only come out when they want to hunt. Other fans made assumptions that the humans in the Walking Dead comics and TV series went on to eat the cats when their food supply was running low.

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Can A Cat Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

Most fans of the Walking Dead at some point have wondered if they could survive a zombie apocalypse. They might have even thought about a strategy for surviving. If you are a cat lover, you might be wondering if your cat might be able to survive one. First off, you need to know that the chances of the survival of humans will be very low, but cats, have high chances of survival.
A fast and agile cat can survive a world that is overrun by zombies. Not just because they are smart, but because they have an insane ability to climb things. They have lots of places that they can opt to hide with relative ease. The only thing that might affect the survival of a cat in a zombie apocalypse is the lack of food.


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