How to Access iGaming on Consoles

How to Access iGaming on Consoles

When it comes to PC and console titles, most gamers are dedicated to one format or another. PC gamers tend to prefer streamlined performance – from latency to refresh rates – and dynamic visuals, while console gamers have opted for a more accessible and affordable gaming experience.
Diehard PC and console gamers aren’t likely to opt for a new format. After all, switching from a controller to a keyboard, and vice versa, will require a period of adjustment. The same is true for console gamers who might want to try out a browser title… but don’t want to leave their controller (or their large screen) behind.
This is particularly relevant for iGaming fans. For those interested in playing at a real money online casino in Canada, any type of browser will do the trick—whether via laptop, mobile device, or console. However, there’s a great disparity between a smartphone and a flatscreen in terms of screen size.
Given the high production value of popular casino titles, opting for more screen space is worth a shot. So, how can a gamer set up their console for a prime browser gaming experience? There are a few tricks that you can try with your device today.

Xbox One S & Xbox Series X

Xbox gamers have the easiest way to access a browser straight from their device, thanks to developer Microsoft. Even back in 2016, the Xbox One S had Internet Explorer capabilities. Those still using an Xbox One can access a browser by using the left analog stick.
To access the address bar, press the View button. Use ‘A’ for mouse clicks and ‘B’ to navigate back. The left stick functions as a zoom; to access the best vantage, click once to zoom out at the full distance.
Gamers with an Xbox Series X or a Series S device can simply navigate to the Microsoft Edge app. Microsoft adapted its latest browser to empower users to watch videos online, sync the browser with other Edge products, and, of course, game via an internet browser.

PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation isn’t quite as browser-ready as its top competitor. However, accessing the browser feature on the PS4 and PS5 only requires a few steps. PS4 users only need to access the browser function from their home content area, which is represented with a ‘WWW’ icon.
The R2 button will open a new browser, while an L2 will take a user back. To access full-screen mode, toggle the square button. Users can also add a bookmark using the Options button, which also allows them to clear their history.
Unfortunately, Sony took a step back with the release of their PS5. To access a web browser, users must first go to their home content area, then choose ‘Link with other services’. This will let them launch Twitter via a web browser. From there, they can navigate to a new website.
Obviously, this navigation is less than ideal for gamers with plans to access their favorite casino titles regularly. Given the PS5’s hidden web browser, gamers with the latest release from Sony might consider opting for a regular experience via laptop or desktop instead.

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A Note on Mobile Gaming

Though iGamers can access browsers from an Xbox or a PS5 device, many will prefer to game via mobile device. However, keep in mind that most top casinos have mobile-ready apps, so there’s no need to figure out which browser will offer a better experience.
To optimize a mobile gaming experience, users should pay close attention to battery power and Wi-Fi connection. Many smartphones today are being developed with gaming in mind, which means devices are built specifically for long-lasting battery life, streamlined latency, and quick refresh rates.

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