Uses of Clay in Minecraft

5 Best Uses of Clay in Minecraft Explained

Here we are with some of the best Uses of Clay in Minecraft. We will be showing you how to use clay in Minecraft and how to do so effectively.

What is Clay Good for in Minecraft?

Clay is undoubtedly one of the essential ingredients in the game and perhaps has many uses which is primarily what we are going to look at here. So, what can you do with clay in Minecraft? Well, the answers are below.

Below Are the 5 Best Uses of Clay in Minecraft

1. Making Terracotta

Terracotta is a block formed from clay, and it has a hardness and blast resistance comparable to stone. When it is one block away from a mob that can explode, such as a creeper, or TNT when it explodes, a block of terracotta will protect any block behind it, although the terracotta itself will be destroyed.
When the terracotta is dyed, players can put it through the furnace with any fuel, resulting in glazed terracotta! Meanwhile, you can learn how to make terracotta here.

2. Used for Decoration

Clay and its variants (bricks, terracotta, glazed terracotta) are generally used for decorative aspects. In the picture above, a player mainly used dyed terracotta to make a modern, inspired home.
It might be wise to invest in terracotta in player’s playthroughs, as they are proven to be good at protecting builds by being stronger than the usual building materials found throughout Minecraft worlds.


3. Making Clay Balls

When players obtain a clay ball after destroying a hardened clay block, they can put the former into a furnace, with any type of fuel, to craft a singular brick.
Bricks can be used to make brick blocks by placing four bricks in a square on a crafting bench. They can also be used to create a flower pot, in which the players place three bricks in a “v” pattern on the crafting bench.
Clay Balls

4. Glazed Terracotta


Glazed terracotta was added in Minecraft version 1.12, from the World of Color update! There are sixteen different kinds of glazed terracotta, which match the sixteen traditional colors of dye.
Due to the vivid appearance, glazed terracotta is primarily used for decoration. However, players will have to be careful because its hardness is slightly less than stone, and its blast resistance is even lower than regular terracotta.
When glazed terracotta is placed, the texture rotates relative to the direction the player is facing while placing the block.
Glazed Terracotta

5. Other Usage

Clay blocks have quite a few miscellaneous uses: villagers will give them as gifts to players, and when placed under noteblocks, it will alter the sound of the latter.
Villagers will give players gifts if they have the “Hero of the Village” status effect. A mason villager has a chance of throwing the player a clay block as a gift, and it is the only renewable way of obtaining a clay block.
Glazed Terracotta

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