Techland GG Codes

All Techland GG Codes And How To Redeem Them

Techland GG is a company that builds video games. Most of the popular games that they built include; Dying Light, and Dying Light 2. They provide play-worthy gaming content, and most of their games have an ever-increasing fandom. If you are in search of Techland GG codes, you are on the right blog. We are going to cover active Techland GG Codes that a gamer can use to redeem in-game rewards and bonuses. We will also cover a practical guide on how to redeem these active Techland GG codes. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Active Techland GG Codes

Techland GG codes redeemable items include the following; Gold Tier Dockets, Rosemary, Antigone, Techland’s 30th Anniversary outfit and Wallpapers Starter pack. There is a DL1 reward and a DL2 reward. It is important to note that your DL1 reward will be in your in-game inventory, while your DL2 reward will be in the item stash after you are done with the Prologue.

Here is a table featuring active Techland GG codes that can be used in the Dying Light video game, enjoy!

Techland GG Active Codes For Dying Light Game Rewards You Stand To Get After Redeeming Code
IMBERNEThis code can be used to redeem a Gold Tier Docket
GVMERSMeant for redeeming a Gold Tier Docket
IAMCRUSTYfor a Gold Tier Docket
MATHMANfor a Gold Tier Docket
JUSTJAMESfor a Gold Tier Docket
PSISYNGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
TECHLAND30Gives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
SLMCCLGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
TOFUGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
HASGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
ASTORYWith the aid of this code, a gamer can download a wallpaper
EVERYONEThis code can be used to redeem a Poster item
HELLGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
ROBOKASTGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
GRE31SVNBOHFUDQHGives the gamer a Gold Tier Docket
EVERYONEHASASTORYThis code allows the player to redeem a Video

How To Redeem Your Techland GG Codes

Here is a stepwise procedure on how to redeem your Techland GG Codes for your Dying Light video game:

  • First off, the gamer will have to head to the website and create an account.
  • You have to also create a Steam, PSN, Microsoft, or Epic account for playing the Dying Light 2 or any other game from Techland. Go on to connect your gaming account in the website.
  • In order to link the account, click on your profile picture in the top right of the user interface of
  • Click on the “Account Summary”
  • Under your profile, you will see an option to “Connect Platforms”.
    When you connect platforms, all the in-game rewards that you have unlocked with your codes at TechlandGG to the game.
  • If you have the code you wanted to redeem, like those mentioned in the table above, you can click on the “Redeem tab” and type in your code.

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