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Ogzilla.net 2024 Review Plus Android And iOS Game Download Guide

Ogzilla.net is a one-stop site where you can find premium games for your iOS and Android devices. Any game that can be found on the official App Store and Google Play Store can be found on the Ogzilla platform. Although the platform has its pros and cons, we will be doing a complete review of the Ogzilla platform alongside an extensive Android or iOS game download guide. Without further ado, let us delve in.


Ogzilla.net Overview

Ogzilla.net Overview

Ogzilla.net is an online web-based platform that grants users from all over the world access to a good number of premium software that can be found on Andriod and iOS app stores. It is the best platform for getting free access to paid mobile games such as Coin Master, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and others.

On the ogzilla.net platform, they organize the paid apps into different sections for easy accessibility.  If you are looking for a third-party app store, that has no financial restrictions, then make ogzilla.net a must-visit.

How To Download Premium Game Apps On Ogzilla.net

The ogzilla.net platform helps users to get premium apps at a breeze. However, they have specific guidelines that need to be followed in order to download premium games.


Here is a detailed guide on how to make use of the ogzilla.net platform to get premium games:

  • First off, you need to visit the ogzilla.net platform with a mobile device. If you use a PC to access the website, you will get an error; “mobile device not detected.”
  • When you reach the website, you will need to tap on the interface with the “Games” option.
  • The moment you are in the games section, type in the name of the game that you wish to download.
  • The moment you click on the install button, your game from ogzilla.net will start to download. For instance, if you want to download Pokemon Go, click on the game and watch your download happen.
  • Most games on the ogzilla.net platform require the download of additional files. Just follow the download prompts to get what you want.

Is Ogzilla.net A Safe Third Party Source For iOS and Andriod Apps?

Ogzilla.net android games download

In our own judgment, the ogzilla.net platform is not a safe site. However, they do really offer legit apps to users who want to use a third-party service to boycott the premium cost of some apps.

Anybody opting to use the ogzilla.net app store is doing so at their own peril. The number of redirects that you would get in the process of downloading a file is a strong indication that the site is not safe.

It is important to note that in the process of using this third-party app store, your personal data might be a risk. The best thing to do is to access the ogzilla.net site with a site that does not hold vital information.  However, the apps that you get from them, are 100% working, and compatible with your iOS or Android devices.


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