Roblox Fart Attack

All Roblox Fart Attack Codes for March 2024

In the course of this game guide, we would be looking at a complete list of all working and expired codes for Roblox fart attack. A Roblox gamer can make use of these codes to get a lot of cool in-game items. The best part is that there are no strings attached. It is important for the player to bear in mind that the fart attack codes do not include the Roblox Virtual currency.


Without further ado, let us delve into the list of the working and expired Roblox fart attack codes.

Complete list of Active and Valid Roblox Fart Attack Codes

With the aid of the codes down below, a gamer can make their character look very much unique. This helps Roblox fart attack players to stand out from the crowd. Here are the codes that can be used to get exclusive rewards in the Roblox fart attack game.

1. Fartnado

With the aid of this code, the player would get 20 cabbages for free in the game.

2. Holiday

This is another interesting Fart attack code that can be used to receive 99 Buritors as an in-game reward.

3. Smellicopter

With the “smellicopter” fart attack code, the Roblox player is bound to receive up to 50 burritos as a free in-game reward.

4. Gift


This is a code that a Roblox gamer can use to get up to 1000 money as a free reward in Roblox fart attack.

5. Wash

Another cool Roblox code that is worth trying is “wash”. With this code, the Roblox fart attack player is bound to receive up to 99 buritos as a free reward.

6. Fart

This is a nice code that also gives off burritos like most attack codes. But this time, it gives the Roblox gamer 50 burritos.

7. Hands

This list would not be complete without mentioning “hands ” as a very exciting Roblox fart attack code. With the aid of this code, the player would get 20 cabbages for free.

8. Fartastic

This is a code that can be used to get up to 50 burritos as a free reward in the roblox fart attack game.
It is important for the player to note that all the afore-mentioned fart attack codes are all case-sensitive.
Kindly input the fart attack codes as they are written our Roblox game guide. Another point worth noting is that most of the codes above only work in sync with private servers.

How a gamer can redeem a Fart Attack code

There is no big fuss about redeeming a Fart attack code. Here is a breakdown on how to go about it:

  • First off, start the Fart Attack game in Roblox
  • Then on the right side of the screen, press the fart attack codes button.
  • Then you would see a new text box window that would open.
  • It is in this text box that the gamer would key in the working Roblox fart attack code.
  • After keying in the code, the player would now need to press redeem in other to get all the free rewards.

How to player the Fart Attack game

Playing the Roblox Fart Attack game is not a big deal. The game is all about fart themed attacks.  The game also involves multiple stages that are set inside a rest room along side with boss battles.

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