How to Unlock Agents in Valorant

How to Unlock More Agents in Valorant Fast in 2024

We are sharing this amazing guide that will put you through on How to Unlock All Agents in Valorant. Is it not interesting that Riot Games’ “Valorant” is now past the Beta stage and is available to first person shooter players across the world? As more and more competitive players are entering the stage, it is important that you get serious about the stars that you use in your matches. In the valorant game, a star can also be referred to as an agent.


So, in this article, we would be using both terms interchangeably. When you have the right star for a particular match, you would be able to land some success in the first person shooter game. If you keep reading this article, you would learn about which stars are freebies, which ones are to work for, and the best approach to collect them all in Valorant.

How to Unlock All Agents in Valorant

With the 1.02 update of the video game, there are at least 14 stars in the valorant game with more to come in future game updates. It is important to note that your first two agents in the game are free once you complete your introductory contract.

Afterward, the contract opens up more star contracts and gives the player the first five tiers for free for the stars that they choose. After this stage, it gets trickier. One of the things that are players should bear in mind is that they need to get to level 5 with a locked start to be able to unlock them.

Here are two sure-fire ways to unlock all agents in valorant

Method 1- Paying to unlock the Agent in Valorant

It is important to note that the simplest way to unlock a star in the game is to buy your way through the roster. If you want to go as far as buying agents with real-world money, you can unlock them without grinding.
Just like every other microtransaction for this type of game, the billing does not come cheap.

  • From Levels 1-5 you pay 1000 Valorant points or $10
  • For each level, you pay $2 USD or 200 Valorant points

This implies that it costs a player just $10 to unlock a star in valorant.

Method 2- Grind XP

This is an approach that is best suited for players that are cash shy or don’t believe in in-game purchases. A player can unlock stars in valorant by simply completing contracts.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Go to “COLLECTION” from the Main Menu of the game.
  • Select the option for  “Agents” to see all the available stars that are both unlocked and locked in the game.
  • Then, go ahead to select the start that you wish to unlock and then press the “ACTIVATE” button that is under their avatar.
  • Go to the bottom right-hand corner and select “VIEW CONTRACT”.

When you are done completing the above-listed steps, you would see the contract for the locked star. For each of the agents in valorant, there are a total of 10 levels. These can be unlocked at level 5 by collecting XP while playing Valorant.

How to Unlock More Agents in Valorant

As a player, you should just concentrate on being able to complete daily challenges since they help players to earn XP. It is important to note that most of the challenges in valorant have time limits set to them. This is why players should do their best to grab as much XP as they can before being locked out. A player would need at least 25000 XP to be able to complete Tier 1 of any agent’s contract together with an extra 25,000 points for each tier onwards.

How to Activate Contracts Valorant

To begin an agent contract, click on the Collection tab at the top of the screen in-game, then select Agents. Scroll through the agents until you get to the one you want to unlock and select Activate. The XP you earn in matches will now progress the selected contract.

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How Long Does It Take to Unlock an Agent in Valorant?

The actual time frame for unlocking a star in Valorant depends on the player. How much time they spend playing and how many challenges and missions that they embark on. A player would need at least 375,000 XP to get a locked star from level 1 to level 5 where you can unlock them. That takes some time but when you strategize your gameplay, like focusing on Daily Challenges, you can boost your XP and help yourself to minimize that time frame.

14 Best Agent to Unlock Valorant

These are some of the valorant best agents to unlock. With the latest release of valorant, there are at least 14 available Agents (Stars) in valorant.

  1. Raze
  2. Phoenix
  3. Breach
  4. Omen
  5. Jett
  6. Killjoy
  7. Brimstone
  8. Reyna
  9. Cypher
  10. Skye
  11. Sova
  12. Sage
  13. Your
  14. Viper

Each star in valorant has four unique abilities. These abilities can range from typical combat style perks like smoke grenades to other skills like sonic arrows and conjuring walls.

Can All the Stars in Valorant be Unlocked for free?

A player can unlock all the stars valorant agent for free. B But this is not an instantaneous process as it takes a while. Any star in the valorant game becomes eligible for unlocking after they have reached level 5 and level up after they collected experience points (XP).


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