Buy Skins in Valorant with Radianite Points

How to Buy Skins in Valorant with Radianite Points

Valorant players usually use the same weapons in the game, but that does not imply that all the weapons are the same.  There are gamers that want to look astonishing while they are trying to gun down their enemies.  This is where the skins in valorant come in. They are cosmetics that players add to their in-game characters so that the physical appearance of the weapon would change. Skins in valorant can also be used to add audio and animation effects to the game. In the course of this article, we would elucidate how a player can buy skin in valorant with radianite points.


How can a player get Skins in Valorant with Radianite points?

Just like most popular multi-shooter games, the valorant game does not have a skin that can change the appearance of the game character. What they have, are skins that can be used to enhance the weapons of the player. This adds some stint of adventure to the in-game play.

Here are some practical ways to get skin in the valorant game. Also, try to pay attention to the step that involves getting skins with radianite points.

1. By Spending Real-World Money

This is indeed the simplest way that a player can get a hold of a weapons skin without much fuss.  This approach is for players who do not have the time to unlock a skin in valorant. It is important to note that valorant points or VP is a currency that is used in the game for the sake of unlocking skins, agents and much more from the in-game store.

2. By Completing Agent Contracts

This is another way to get skins in valorant. It can be used to unlock as many agents as possible. There are individual agents contracts in the game that when completed, would be used to unlock other agents.
The only challenge is that trying to unlock these agents via contracts can cause a large amount of XP, especially through level 10. If the gamer is counting the Tier Six upwards, they would be requiring at least 625,000 XP to unlock the skins of agents.

One challenge of opting for this method of getting skins in valorant is that you can’t buy skins in the chapter one. You would have to play your way through.

3. Complete Tiers in a Battle Pass


The third and very much interesting way to get skins is to complete tiers in battle pass. In the valorant game, there is a free track and a paid premium track for every in-game battle passes. If a gamer is cash-shy, they can opt for a cost-free option by earning skins by completing battle pass tiers.

A Word about Radianite Points

The Radianite points in the game are a currency that is gotten after a player has completed a battle pass Tier or a contract. It is important to know that a common norm among valorant players is that they can also buy Radianite points with valorant points.

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How can a player get Radianite Points in the Valorant game?

A player can either choose to unlock radianite points with the aid of a battle pass or can purchase the points through the in-game store that is available in the valorant game.

What can you spend Radianite Points on?

It is important to note that radianite points cannot be used to buy agents or tier levels. They can however be used to perform an upgrade on skins. Radianite points in the valorant game can also be used to purchase in-game content such as visual effects, animations, and so on.

With the radianite points, the Valorant game evolved in the way that players can get weapon skins. In the valorant game, the first level is unlocked when you get the skin.  The primary way that gamers usually earn the radianite points in the game is by completing a battle pass.

How to Use Radianite in Valorant to buy Skins

If you ever wonder how to use the radianite points to buy skins, then the subsequent paragraphs are for you.  The radianite points are basically used to buy or upgrade cosmetics. It is important to note that this feature is only available some particular skins. It is not all the skins in valorant that can be upgraded with the radianite points.

The moment you have found the skin that you want to upgrade, follow the steps that are listed below:

  1. Got to the Collection tab in the interface of the valorant game
  2. Select the weapon of your choosing that you want to perform an upgrade on.
  3. There would be a table that would show the player all the possible upgrades
  4. Use your Radianite points to now unlock the upgrades you want
  5. Exit the menu of the interface you are in.

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