Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen

Elden Ring Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen

The Elden Ring game is a game that is filled to the brim with puzzles for its gamers to solve. In the Elden Ring game, there is a puzzle that most gamers get stuck with. This puzzle is the “Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen”.


An Elden ring gamer will need to solve this riddle so that they can unlock the seal in the tower. This in-game puzzle is mostly centered on a location known as Heretical Rise. This tower can be located just west of the frozen lakes on the mountaintops of the Giants region.

In the course of this article, we will be taking you through a practical guide on how to solve the “Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen.”

How An Elden Ring Gamer Can Find The Falling Snow Marks Something Unseen Puzzle

The player will need to start off from the freezing Lake Site of Grace, then head up into the graveyard to the west. You will spot a broken bridge that extends a small way in the tower of the wizard. It is important to note that the bridge continues towards the tower but is invisible to the gamer.

How To Go Through The Invisible Bridge And Solve The Puzzle

According to the puzzle, if snow falls on the bridge, the gamer will be able to see a ghostly outline of its surface. The player will need to walk onto a bridge that is unseen, then travel two-thirds towards the wall of the tower. In order to know whether there is a bridge in front of you or not, throw rainbow stones in front of you.

When you reach the two-thirds point, make a left turn, and you will start going upwards. The ramp-up is across from a pair of trees that are near the cliffside. Keep using the rainbow stones to find your way.


The gamer will then see a broken railing that is on a balcony leading to the tower. In light of this, you don’t have to go straight to it. In order to enter the tower, make a right turn when the path is perpendicular to the broken railing.

The moment you have entered the tower, you will see a message known as “Heretical Rise Location message” on your screen. The front door will open by now, but you are not yet done.

Some Marionette enemies will spam some attacks after your arrival. Clear them or allow them to kill you in order to make your way to the entrance. It is important to note that at the top of the Rise is a chest with the “Founding Rain Of Stars Sorcery”.

Interesting Facts About Elden Ring Gameplay

Elden Ring is a fantasy Action-RPG-based game that was created by FromSoftware. Inc. In Elden Ring gameplay, if you decide to pursue the simplest path to the end without getting involved in side quests, you can play the game for 50-70 hours to complete.

Although this time might vary depending on individual skill and overall exploration time. This game is very massive, and has a lot of deadly enemies.


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