Sports Betting Handle in New Jersey

Can the Sports Betting Handle in New Jersey Still Reach New All-Time Highs with other States Opening up for Sports Betting?

New Jersey is known for beautiful beaches, high-performing universities and sports betting. Also referred to as the Garden State, this US state has been a front-runner in American sports betting since 2018.


Since the Supreme Court ruled that each state can decide on its own sports gambling rules, New Jersey has embraced this form of entertainment. Thanks to the New Jersey state government, avid sports fans can now play with real cash and place bets on their favorite teams.

But will New Jersey remain one of the leading sports betting states? Or will their place as a leader falter due to other states opening up for sports betting? We’ve investigated everything you need to know about this hot topic. Keep reading to find out more.

What is sports betting?

Before we jump into New Jersey sports betting, we’ll quickly summarize all you need to know about sports betting.

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling, allowing fans to predict the outcomes of popular sports events. Bettors place a wager on various outcomes, and the real-time play results in a win or a loss.

The most popular sports for sports bettors include:

  • American Football (NFL)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)

Fans can choose from a wide range of sportsbooks to place their bets and enjoy generous bonuses – ideal if you want to get involved in American sports!

Sports betting in New Jersey

New Jersey is the place to be for sports betting in America. This state was the first to legalize these bets, outside of the state of Nevada. Thanks to the state’s quick action, New Jersey offers more sportsbooks than anywhere else, plus some of the most generous bonuses.

New Jersey was able to take the lead in this industry, as State Governor Phil Murphy and the government favored removing betting bans. After the court process, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Murphy and the government, allowing the state to govern itself and reopen sports betting.

In short order, the state made available real money betting on online betting sites and land-based casinos. Whether you want to gamble with others in a physical space or via a mobile app, anything is possible in New Jersey – plus, it’s 100% legal.


Do other US states offer sports betting?

A crucial part of New Jersey’s success is that they were the first to allow sports betting. But after the 2018 decision, many other American states followed suit.

Currently, 30 different states now offer sports betting in some form. Of these, 21 states provide in-person and online gambling and only two offer solely online gambling.

This is great news for keen bettors across the US, as more options and locations are available than ever before. Though sports betting is legal in many states, some only offer land-based casino or in-person betting, so check regulations before you get started.

Will New Jersey sports betting be affected?

One of the biggest questions about sports betting right now is whether New Jersey will remain the leading sports betting state. With more options available, New Jersey might be beaten by another state that makes quick progress.

However, New Jersey does have the upper hand in sports betting. Since the state has been providing a range of betting functions for nearly five years, the East Coast companies are much further ahead than other states.

With platforms in place and public acceptance of sports betting, it’s much easier for sportsbooks in New Jersey to compete than in states with new laws. For example, Maine and Kansas have legalized betting in 2022, but these states will be much further behind than New Jersey.

More states opening up to gambling means we’ll see more innovation and opportunities to get involved with sportsbooks. For punters, this is all good news.

Of course, it’s understandable that New Jersey sportsbooks will worry about their all-time high popularity, but it doesn’t look like any other states will be leading the industry any time soon.

The bottom line

If the trend stays the same, we’ll see more states open their arms to sports betting in the next decade. Will New Jersey remain the hub for sportsbooks? Maybe, but ultimately time will tell. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for new developments, though!


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