Does Cookout Take Apple Pay

Does Cookout Take Apple Pay in 2024? Here’s a Quick Answer

If you wish to dine out in the US, one of the most popular payment methods that are accepted is Apple Pay. A lot of Cookout customers out there might be wondering, does Cookout take Apple Pay? In the course of this article, we intend to answer this question.


Short Answer

The short answer is Yes! Cookout accepts Apple Pay in 2023. This implies that Cookout customer does not need to carry cash along with them when they wish to make food payments. The reason Cookout accepts Apple Pay is because they have NFC-enabled terminals in their restaurants.

Knowing that Cookout accepts Apple Pay is one thing, being able to use them to make payments is another. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will cover a practical guide on how to make payments with Apple Pay at Cookout. Read on!

How To Use Apple Pay At Cookout


Here is a darn easy guide to follow in order to use Apple Pay to make payments at Cookout:

  • When you finish eating or collecting food items, kindly head to the checkout counter to make payment.
  • Open your Apple device whether it is an iPhone or Apple Watch, with your Touch ID or Face ID.
  • Select a card that is connected to your Apple Pay account.
  • Scan your food purchases with the NFC-enabled contactless terminal.
  • You will get a debit notification, and the payment will go through automatically.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay At Cookout

There are interesting benefits that you stand to accrue by using Apple Pay at Cookout. As a matter of fact, the Cookout brand and Apple Pay have been working seamlessly to make it easy for customers to make payments in their restaurants without any fuss.

Here are highlights of the benefits you stand to gain while using Apple Pay at Cookout:

  • Apple Pay is a secure payment gateway in the US. They do not share the payment data of their customers with third-party companies.
  • The use of Apple Pay at Cookout stores helps to speed up the checkout lines.
  • You can enjoy the buzz of one-click payment with the Apple Pay app.
  • The use of Apple Pay at Cookout can make you eligible for a cashback that is up to 3%.

Alternatives Means Of Payment That Is Accepted On Cookout

Other than the easy Apple Pay payment method, there are other interesting ways to make payments for food products at Cookout. It is important to note that Cookout started taking Apple Pay in 2020. Before then, here are the payment methods that were used, and are still in use:

  • Cash– just like every other restaurant in the US, cash is accepted in Cookout
  • Credit and debit card – The Cookout brand also accepts payment from credit and debit cards. Also worth noting is that they accept Mastercard, American Express, as well as visa cards.
  • PayPal– Paypal is another interesting mode of making payments at Cookout.
  • Other Mobile Payment Apps– They also take payment from other apps such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and others.

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