Jack In The Box Payment Methods

All 4 Jack In The Box Payment Methods And How To Use Them

Jack In The Box is one of the leading fast food chains in the USA. The fact that they are popular means that they will accept a wide range of payment methods. In the course of this article, we will be looking at all Jack In The Box payment methods and how to use them.


1 Cash 

The use of cash is an age-long process of making payments at a restaurant. This is best for Jack In The Box customers who want to eliminate the pressure of processing fees. Most times, using a credit card can get you declined, and funds can take several days to get processed, This is why the use of cash is to go-to payment method.

To use cash, select the food products that you want to order at Jack In The Box, and head to the counter to make payment. Kindly ask the cashier to give you the bills to be paid, then hand over the cash.

2. Apple Pay

Another popular payment method that can be used at Jack In The Box is Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a contactless payment method that allows Jack In The Box customers to use their iPhones and Apple Watch to make payments. Whether you are using the drive-thru option or you are making in-store payments, Apple Pay is a viable option. It is important to note that Jack In The Box now accepts Apple Pay in its 2,200 locations.

Apple Pay’s working mechanism is a simple one. They make use of NFC technology to transfer data, such as credit card, and debit card information. This datum now moves from the Apple Pay app to a POS system.


To use Apple Pay, launch the app on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Then proceed to use the NFC scanner in the restaurant to process your payment. If the transaction was a success, you will get an on-screen notification on your iPhone about the success of the transaction. For your Apple Watch, you will get a green checkmark.

3. Jack In The Box Gift Card

Other than with the use of Apple Pay and cash, you can use the Jack in the box gift card to make in-store or online purchases. You, first of all, have to know your Jack in the Box gift card balance. This can be done by checking by first going to the Gift Card Balance page. Once you are there, check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox. Lastly, key in your gift card number to check your card balance. Another interesting way to check your balance is by heading to the Box store and inquire a cashier to help you with your balance.

After selecting your food items, use your gift card to check your balance.

4. Debit Card 

Another interesting way to make payments at Jack In The Box is by using a debit card. This card can either be American Express, Discover Network, MasterCard PayPass™ or Visa Contactless card. When you are done with your food order, head to the cashier to use your card to swipe, insert or tap to make payments.


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