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20 Best Roblox Music Codes 2024 – Roblox Songs IDs That Work

Are you in search of the best Roblox music codes? There are lots of popular songs that are available to be listened to on the Roblox platform. You can listen to any real-life music by entering the Music codes to be listened to by Roblox. You can enter the codes into your boombox or the radio. Tik Tok songs can also be exploited on the platform, as you can use the Roblox songs IDs to musically entertain yourself with your friends.


In the course of this article, we would be learning the top 20 songs ID on Roblox to use to enjoy music in 2024.

What are Roblox Boombox music Codes?

Roblox Boombox music Codes
These are ID codes that are used on the boombox to play music. They are usually a sequence of numbers that are used to play some music tracks on the Roblox platform.

In most of the games of Roblox, the player can equip the boombox item. With this, they would be able to play tracks that are generic within the game. Sometimes, they can go as far as playing music that is created by other users.

List of 20 Best Roblox Songs IDs for 2024

  1.   Tears$ by Post Malone – 280239241
  2.   Havana (Remix) by  Camila Cabello- 2995520239
  3.   Stay with me by Ed Sheeran – 2178675339
  4.   Passion fruit by Drake – 743024101
  5.   Memories (Remix) by Maroon- 4511557198
  6.   Harlem Shake by Baaue- 434795330
  7.   Alone by Marshmello – 586574953
  8.   Tear In My Heart [live]  by Twenty One Pilots- 509530072
  9.   The Next Episode (San Holo Remix) by Snoop Dogg ft. Dr Dre – 302594574
  10. Loner by Jumex- 2732913854
  11. Payphone (live) by  Maroon 5 -746443550
  12. Otherside by  Red Hot Chilli Peppers -2723639956
  13. Dance Monkey (Remix) by  Tones and I- 4532362987
  14. Freed from Desire  Drenchill ft. Indiana –  02985458244
  15. Sweet Caroline by  Neil Diamond -1092031675
  16. We Are the Champions (vocals)      Queen – 151588995
  17. When Im With U by  XXXTentacion Ft. Lil Nas X -3779631598
  18. Billionaire by Bruno Mars- 3515967108
  19. Human by  Bebe Rexha -798592709
  20. Memories  by Maroon 5 -4250558781

With these songs, you should be set fair to kick start playing music in the best Roblox games that you desire.

How a Player Can Use the Boombox Codes to Play their Own music on Roblox

To be able to use the Roblox music codes that are listed down below, you would need to be in a game world that can allow you to use any of the Boombox items. It is important to note that there are several forms of boombox, and play their own personal tracks through each of them in like manner.


So how can a player play music with Roblox? The method for doing so depends on the game that you want to use to play the tunes in. There are games that allow players to have free access to boombox. All you need to do is to press it to bring out a text box where you can enter the Roblox music code.

A good platform for testing out codes that you find to use in boombox is Catalog heaven. In some games, the player would need to make use of a radio to play music. This is what is part of what is called a music pass.

It is important to note that a music pass is set by each game developer the way they want. The moment the player has access to the in-game radio, they can use it the same way that they would use a Boombox. At this point, keying in the Roblox music code is all that is left to do. If the Roblox music code should stop working at some time, the player would need to find a replacement for it.

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Best Roblox Games that these Music can be played in

Some gamers might be wondering what the best Roblox games are? There are some cool multiplayer Roblox games out there.

One can consider Roblox as an online game creation platform that can be fun for both kids and adults. Did you know that there are at least over 1 million Roblox games out there in the gaming market?

There are both free and paid Roblox games ranging from sims to RPG games that can be very adventurous to indulge in. The Roblox gaming world is like having minecraft and LittleBig planet brought together in one place.

Did you know that there are more game titles than you can possibly play on the Roblox gaming platform? Let us look at some cool games that were built by your fellow players that are worth listing.

  • Scuba diving at Quill Lake
  • Theme park Tycoon 2Natural Disaster survival
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Jailbreak
  • Super Bomb survival
  • Speed Run 4
  • Adopt Me
  • Hide and seek extreme

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