Prayer Books In Elden Ring

Who Do I Give Prayer Books In Elden Ring?

The Elden Ring game is one that brings a lot of intriguing graphic elements and one of such is the concept of prayer books. This book must never be overlooked, as it holds a strong impact on your Elden Ring gameplay. A lot of gamers are poised with the question, “who do I give prayer books to – Elden Ring?”  Well the answer is the sole purpose of writing this blog post.


Understanding Prayer Books in Elden Ring

Before we delve into the intricacies of who to give prayer books to, let us understand its significance in the game.

In the gaming world of elden ring, prayer books are sacred texts that give unique abilities, and enhancements to gaming characters. Some of these abilities range from combat boosts to spells that support gameplay. This is why prayer books are invaluable tools for navigating difficult challenges that are present in The Elden Ring video game. It is important to note that the decision of who receives the prayer books in the Elden Ring game can impact the game play.

Who You Should Give Prayer Books? Short Answer

When you find a prayer book in Elden Ring, give it to Mirrel, the Pastor of Vows. This pastor resides at the Church of Vows at the Liurnia of the Lakes region. This pastor shares close resemblance with a large tortoise. The Pastor of Vows stays at the main courtyard, which implies that it will be difficult for the gamer not to spot him. When you hand him the book, he will return spells to you, which you will use to enhance your gameplay.

Possible Locations Of The Prayer Books In Elden Ring

The open world gaming environment of elden ring is filled with treasures and secrets including the coveted prayer books. Here are some interesting facts about locations where you can find them:


 Catacombs and Dungeons

In the Elden Ring video games, it is important to note that lots of prayer books are hidden within the depths of catacombs and dungeons. If you use your game character to explore these dark and dangerous areas, you will be rewarded with prayer books that will give you valuable abilities. These abilities will  help you to accomplish brave challenges.

Shrines and Temples

Sacred places in the elden ring video game are also known for holding sacred texts. When you get to a shrine, you can collect prayer books that will improve your character.

Guardians and Bosses

Whenever a gamer defeats guardians and bosses, they can get unique prayer books. It is important to note that this battles are tough, and the rewards commensurate with the challenge. The prayer books obtained from these encounters are potent and tailored to the abilities needed to overcome enemies.

Nooks and Crannies

Shrines and boss fights are not the only way to get prayer books. You can also get one by exploring nooks and crannies. Some of the most valuable and unexpected prayer books in Elden Ring can be found lurking in these remote locations.


As you venture through the gaming world of Elden Ring, the decision of who to give prayer books to becomes an integral aspect of your gameplay strategy. You need to follow the guide above in order to locate Elden Ring prayer books, and also know the best locations to find them.


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