Where to Find Ocean in Fortnite | Ocean Location in Fortnite

The fortnite game in its 2nd chapter in the 3rd season introduced a new map, new area bosses and most interestingly, new areas. Ocean is one of such area bosses. And she can be found going about the Fortilla in the southwest corner of the area map. Some of the things that she drops in the game are; the mythic bottomless Chug Jug, a Vault keycard, and the Mythic Assault Rifle. It is important to note that the Vault keycard is dropped upon the death of the ocean boss.
In the fortnite game, the fortilla is a big floating fort that players build if they reach the end of the world. The fortilla in the game is very big and can be reached with a battle bus. Another way to get to it, is by swimming if your fortnite player character is close by.
Where to Find Ocean in Fortnite
Amongst other fortnite area bosses, the ocean is a very interesting boss. When compared with other area bosses in the fortnite game, she is not as tough as they are, after she is done with exploring the area for a few times, she turns out to be very aggressive. She has an incredibly massive agro range. She can also get into big fights with the loot shark whenever it spawns in the game.


Where to Find Ocean in Fortnite?

The fortilla in fortnite is divided into different parts where each one of the parts contains a warren of halls and staircases. The ocean area boss in fornite can be spawn on the west side of the fortilla. It can also be hard to track down due to her very high agro range.
A player needs to be careful when they are going to the vault as the door is guarded by two sentry guns that can kill anyone very quickly if they are hit by them.  One of the best places to drop in the fortnite game is Fortilla. This place is good for players that like to combine plenty of early gear with fights that are early.

The new Fortnite Map in Chapter 2 Season 3 is Flooded

This is definitely one of the biggest changes In the video game. It is currently filled with water. Some of the old locations such as the Frenzy farm and the pleasant park are now flooded. These locations now feature houses that have inflatables

There’s an all-new Battlepass with new rewards in this chapter

Every season in fortnite comes packed with a new battlepass, and this particular one in chapter 2 season 3 is not very much different.  In season 3 being water-themed it is not a thing of surprise that Aquaman is now a part of the fortnite universe. Just like with the Deadpool character of last seasons, there are new challenges that would be unlocked over time. When a Fortnite player completes the challenges, they would earn different styles.emotions, and contrails. The remaining part of the battle pass is water-themed as well as gliders,

Sharks and Whirlpools are a new way to travel around the watery map


With all the water that is around, there is no much surprise that sharks have arrived on fortnite island. These water beasts usually roam the water, so a fortnite player should make sure that they don’t spend too much time performing a casual swim.

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Although the fortnite player can hook on a fishing rod and use it to pull around on a water skis.  When they are not acting like cars with fins, they can destroy structures in the game world. And also possibly make their way to land. This is why the fortnite player should always watch their back on small islands.
If a fortnite player should manage to eliminate one shark,  a weapon would drop for them.

Marauders are new NPCs that roam the map and drop higher level gear when a  player defeats them

Marauders in the fortnite game work in a way like Henchmen from the last season. Truth is, they are more mobile and can be teleported around the map to cause trouble instead of to patrol bases. A fortnite player can get a cool weapon for killing one heavy Marauder. The weapon that they would get is an Epic RPG. The marauders in fortnite appear in the game in small groups without warning.

There are new vaults to enter and and bosses to defeat

The island is a little bit different because some bosses and vault locations have been replaced from the previous season. Here are some vaults that can be found in chapter 2 season 3 of fortnite.
The Authority – This interesting vault can be found in the center of the area map in fortnite
Catty Corner – this is a vault that replaced the old box factory’s Catty Corner in G6.


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