How to Learn The Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

The Minecraft enchanting table is nothing new, as it has been around since 2001. The alphabets of the enchanting language hail from the classic commander keen PC game.  If you have any interest in understanding the language, then make this article a must-read.
There are some advantages that are connected to understanding what the language says and how a player can enchant an item by reading the galactic alphabet in the enchantment table.
Truth is, for most players who are newbies and think that there is some reason and rhyme connected to the enchantments, well here is a shocker: there is non!
The enchantment language is just a bunch of randomized phrases and words that have no meaning whatsoever in correlation to the enchantments. You don’t need the meaning of the enchantments to make it efficacious. Because trying to know the meanings would result in some hilarious descriptions.
How to Learn Minecraft Table enchanting table Language


Guide on How to Read a Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

The Standard Galactic text that you see in the table above, as stated earlier does not have any meaning. They are just words and phrases that are randomized and have no correlation to the enchantment process.
The language is also used outside of the Minecraft game for codes and secret messages. But with lots of online code translators, Minecraft players can find the meaning of some of those phrases with ease. A player can also choose to look at a particular translation for every English alphabet. You would notice that trying to translate each of those symbols individually can be very tedious. And to take steps to learn the language can cost the player a lot of time.
The moment a player has access to the translation table, they would be able to individually look at each alphabet and what symbol they stand for. This is just like any other type of secret code or language used in video games or real-world scenarios.

What is the Language that is on the Minecraft Enchantment Table?

As stated earlier, the language that is on the enchantment table in Minecraft was sourced from another video game. It is an in-game writing system that is known as the Galactic alphabet. It was developed by a tech group known as “id software.”
The Standard Galactic Alphabets that you see in enchantment tables in Minecraft were created to appear in games and represent alien languages that can be found in the galaxy.  Since it has been adopted in the Minecraft video game, it is now known as the Minecraft Enchantment table Language.

Words that a Player can use for Enchantment in Minecraft

There are at least 60 different words that appear on the Minecraft enchantment table. Here is a list of them.

  1. Animal
  2. Darkness
  3. Destroy
  4. Demon
  5. Cold
  6. Bless
  7. Berata
  8. Ball
  9. Baguette
  10. Air
  11. Beast
  12. Creature
  13. Cthulhu
  14. Cube
  15. Curse
  16. Earth
  17. Elder
  18. Dry
  19. Elemental
  20. Embiggen
  21. Fhtagan
  22. Fresh
  23. Galvanize
  24. Fire
  25. Free
  26. Fiddle
  27. Hot
  28. Grow
  29. Humanoid
  30. Ignite
  31. Fresh
  32. Imbue
  33. Inside
  34. Klaatu
  35. Light
  36. Mental
  37. Mglwnafh
  38. Niktu
  39. Other
  40. Of
  41. Physical
  42. Phnglui
  43. Rlyeh
  44. Range
  45. Shorten
  46. Self
  47. Scrolls
  48. Shrink
  49. Sphere
  50. Snuff
  51. Spirit
  52. Stretch
  53. Stale
  54. Towards
  55. The
  56. Undead
  57. Water
  58. Wet
  59. Wgahnagl
  60. Xyzzy

This shows that if a player is attempting t decipher the words that are on the enchantment table, it is going to be a combo of words, which all of them would not be English.
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What do the Words on the Enchantment table that are not English mean?

There are lots of English words in the Minecraft enchantment language and a few of them that are not. Truth is, most of them that don’t make sense as English words were taken from H.P Lovecraft’s Cthulhu novels. They were drafted from the phrases that the Cthulhu worshippers chant.

The Best 3 Minecraft Enchantments

Minecraft enchantments are one of the many ways to thrive in the game. It can be used to enhance a weapon that is to be used to fight mobs in the game. Here are three interesting Enchantments that any player should know:

Feather Falling

This is an interesting enchantment that can be used to feather fall in the game. A player can incur a lot of feather damage and worry less about falling from a steep cliff into a certain death.


This is another interesting Minecraft enchantment that is good for the players’ chosen method of assault in the game. Especially, if the chosen method of assault is with archery, power enchantment would increase the pure damage f the bow of the player.


Sharpness is another valuable enchantment that is well exploited by Minecraft players. It is used if the Minecraft player wants to get their hands dirty with a sharp sword. This enchantment helps the player by increasing the damage that is done when killing mobs or other enemies in the Minecraft game.


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