How to Edit Stairs in Fortnite

How to Edit Stairs in Fortnite PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch

How do you edit stairs in Fortnite? Welcome to our Fortnite stairs editing guide. With the aid of this guide, you would be well accustomed to all the edits that a player needs in the game. In a bid to make tangible progress with your building abilities, a player needs to learn Fortnite Edits. What better Edit to learn than how to edit stairs in Fortnite.
In the course of this article, we would show you how to use stairs edits to survive more fights and win more games in Fortnite.
Best Tips For Editing Stairs in Fortnite


Here is How to Edit Stairs in Fortnite

In Fortnite, stairs can be built with different kinds of materials. When you use wood to build stairs, you would get a very week material. This is why it is good to opt for materials that can be used to make stairs that are very strong. Two examples of materials that can be used to build strong stairs are stone and metal.
In the game, the player would see a chest that is the house’s attic. This chest needs to be reached, and the best way to reach it is with stairs. Stairs can also be used in the game as a cover but not as good as walls.

Angled Stairs

In the Fortnite game, these are the stairs that are at an angle. They can be used to access restricted locations that have high places. The angled stairs can be used to create a small footprint.

Spiral Stairs

This is another interesting structure that can be found in the Fortnite game. They are used for solving different problems that you might come into.
With the spiral stairs in Fortnite, a player can go up vertically. They can go into a small area thus leaving a small footprint that cannot be spotted by enemies.
If a Fortnite players wants to reach a high place the best type of stair to use is the spiral stair.

Stairs that have a Siderail

In the Fortnite game, this is a narrower version of the stairs, but this time, they come with a side rail. They are best used to access areas that are tight. And can protect the character of the Fortnite player from accidentally falling.

Interesting Facts about Building In Fortnite


The basic foundation of Fortnite’s strategy is gameplay. It is a games feature that sets it apart from other video games. If you have been in an esports tournament, you would come to terms with the fact that Fortnite has a lot of potential in gameplay when mastered.
In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at some building fundamentals in Fortnite, which you can finally put to use in Building stairs.

The uses a building in Fortnite

Here are the two main reasons to build anything in Fortnite: to Fortify and to Move.
With the aid of building in Fortnite, players can make fortifications during battles. For instance, if an enemy should attack in the open, you would always have a structure that can be used for cover.
One of the first things to do in a fight is to start buildings. You can start a wall or use a stair as a cover. At least when you are done building, you should have some fortification that can block enemy fire.
How to Edit Stairs in Fortnite PS4
In a scenario where your enemy shoots at your builds, you can have them replaced by bringing out your build menu and holding down your place button.
If you have a tangible amount of resources, you can immediately replace any structure that the enemy has destroyed.
The second use of a building in Fortnite is to move. When a Fortnite player is moving around the map, your platforms and ramps are useful tools that allow the player to access new areas and survive the treacherous map. With the aid of the ramps, the player can move over to steep hills and use the platforms they find to bridge rivers.

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What are the Best building controls For a Fortnite Player?

By default setting, it is difficult for a Fortnite player to use the mouse and the keyboard controls. The major reason for this is that the player would have to hit the F1-F5 to be able to switch between the building options.
These controls are somewhat far from the WASD keys which can make the player be a bit uncomfortable. In regards to this, a lot of Fortnite PC players like to rebind the building controls, as this would be more precise for them.
In the process of rebinding your controls, it is best you put your controls for the stairs and wall options together. This would help the player to have more ease while trying to switch between both of them.

Understanding Building Mechanics in Fortnite

Building stairs in Fortnite can be done with three major types of material: wood, brick, and metal. These materials can be found in chests and also picked up with the aid of a pickaxe.
It is important to note that almost all the objects in the Fortnite game world are destructible.
Here are the different statistics from the following building materials. The different materials feature the following statistics:

Building materials Starting health Max Health Time to build
wood 150 99 4 seconds
Metal 110 500 25.5 seconds
Stone 99 300 11.5 seconds.

With the data in the table above, you would see that woo is the best to use in a heated battle, except that it has the lowest health. With this building guide, I recommend using Wood to build stairs in the Fortnite battle royale.


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