Self-Publishing a Book

What is Self-Publishing a Book?

Definition of self-publishing

Book self-publishing is a publishing method that mainly benefits the author. But self-publishing does not mean the author must do all the work. If you want to self-publish with quality, you can count on the support of a specialized publishing house or freelance professionals, who will help you proofread, layout, and sell your book on the platform of your choice. It also simplifies the process as an essay writer helper for students.


Self-publishing books

Book self-publishing, also called self-publishing, is a publishing trend that has grown a lot in recent times. More and more independent authors are choosing to self-publish their books instead of doing it with a traditional publisher.

Faced with this immense number of writers who want to self-publish, many self-publishing platforms have emerged that allow the marketing of books on paper and Ebooks through the Internet.

Amazon Self-publishing

Amazon is a company at the forefront of technology. If you want to sell a product through the internet, no matter what it is, you will find the best option on Amazon.

Amazon self-publishing is done through an exclusive platform, Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), which allows you to upload your book from your computer and sell it worldwide in print and Ebook.

For authors interested in self-publishing, Amazon offers a simple and easy-to-use website. A great advantage of self-publishing on Amazon is that you can enrich the description and other information about your book with keywords that will help users find it easily.

Self-publishing on Amazon means selling more and also earning more, up to 70% of the selling price of your Ebook and 60% of the price of your paper book, minus printing costs.

If you finished the manuscript of your first book and want to self-publish, Amazon is the best option.

Self-publishing platforms: other options

Self-publishing books is a growing market. Currently, the offer of self-publishing platforms is diverse.

Bubok and Lulu

These two self-publishing platforms allow you to sell your book in Ebooks and also on paper with the print-on-demand system: when someone buys a copy of your book online, they print it and send it to their home by mail.

The problem with these platforms is that their online stores have very few buyers compared to Amazon. Many users are familiar with Ebooks but unaware of these platforms’ existence and are not interested in the books they offer.


This platform is a good alternative if you don’t want to self-publish on Amazon. Smashwords offers its books in the most important online stores in the world. If you choose to self-publish on this platform, your book will be available in a huge network of digital bookstores, many of them top-tier, such as Apple’s online store.

Self-publishing books for free

It’s true that self-publishing on Amazon and other platforms doesn’t cost you any money: you open an account, upload your files, and that’s it. But self-publishing for free doesn’t mean that you won’t spend a single euro on your book.

Free self-publishing platforms only solve the problems of printing and distribution, but before those important steps, it is up to you as the author to ensure the quality of your book.

If you have written a book of poems, a non-fiction book, or a novel and you think that your work has weak points, you may want to hire a professional reading report that will point out how to improve the text.

Self-publishing publishers

Self-publishing portals alone are not enough to self-publish a book that sells. To self-publish a well-edited and well-typeset book with an attractive cover and a title that engages the reader, you have the help of self-publishing publishers. These publishers have all the experience and resources you need to go from unpublished writer to best seller.

Remember that writing and publishing a book are only the first steps in your career as an author. If you want to establish yourself as an authority in your literary niche, you must make a good diffusion of your work.

Self-publishing publishers, such as ours, can help you solve design problems both inside and outside your book and advise you on perfecting the content and organizing the marketing. In short, self-publishing publishers are the most convenient option for independent authors.

Self-publishing manual

Information about self-publishing books on the internet is often disorganized and scattered across a multitude of sites: blogs, social networks, self-publishing publishers’ websites, and so on.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-read and easy-to-apply self-publishing manual, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.


Self-publishing books: 7 key points

  1. What is self-publishing a book?

Self-publishing, also called self-publishing, is the most convenient way for independent authors to publish books. If you sell your book on a self-publishing platform, you keep the profits and only have to give up a small part as a sales commission.

  1. How does self-publishing work?

Self-publishing books is a simple process: once you have finished writing and laying out your work, you must upload the files to the website of the platform of your choice.

If you choose Amazon KDP, your book will be available for sale in less than 72 hours. You can check your royalties in a special option in your account and choose among several ways to receive payments.

  1. How to self-publish?

If you have difficulty working with a computer or if technology is not your thing, leave the self-publishing of your book in the hands of experts. If you decide to self-publish with us, we will set up an account for you on the platform of your choice, upload your book and give you the keys so that you and only you can personally control the sales.

  1. What is a self-publisher?

Some people call people who run self-publishing publishing houses self-publishers.

But a self-publisher is also a writer who decides to self-publish his or her book (hence half author, half publisher). The self-publisher is the author who does not allow himself to be convinced by the proposals of traditional publishers who offer him very low profits for his book (around 10%).

The self-publisher is an empowered writer who makes all the decisions about his book and takes the lion’s share of the profits, as he should.

  1. What is the cost of self-publishing a book?

Here you can check the cost of self-publishing your book. But, in reality, there is no fixed cost. It always depends on the amount and type of help you need.

Some authors are able to proofread your text well, and others have skills in layout and cover design. Others have experience in digital marketing…

Rarely is it the case that a single author is able to self-publish their book without anyone’s help. In most cases, sensible writers look for a professional to help them with proofreading, graphic design, or distribution.

Where can I publish my own book?

  1. Self-publishing on Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is the platform of choice for independent authors around the world. Simple, efficient, reliable, and backed by one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world.

In addition, you can publish in Ebooks but also in paper with the print-on-demand system; that is, your book is only printed when someone buys it, and Amazon mails it to the buyer.

This guide will find all the steps to publish and sell your book on Amazon.

  1. Self-publishing on Smashwords

Self-publishing on Smashwords is also a recommended option. This platform works as a “book aggregator.” When you self-publish an Ebook on Smashwords, it is also published in many online stores, some of which are very popular: iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo, etc.

Self-publishing books is not free

Regardless of which platform you choose to self-publish your book, the most important advice is this: you must self-publish with quality.

It’s no use choosing the best platform or selling your book in every online store. If the cover is not attractive, if you choose the wrong typography inside, or if your text is full of spelling mistakes, you will hardly sell many copies.

Self-publishing books: remember this

  1. Traditional publishers are a thing of the past

The business model of traditional publishers is not beneficial for independent authors. No writer wants to lose control of his or her book and take a marginal profit on each sale, and that’s exactly what you get when you publish with a traditional publisher.

  1. Self-publishing empowers you as an author

When you self-publish, you stop depending on the decisions of third parties, and you choose how to carry out each of the necessary steps, from the first draft to the book ready to be published on the platform you want and sold worldwide in print and Ebook.

  1. Assisted self-publishing

All those authors who need help with any of the necessary steps to self-publish with quality have the assistance of publishers like ours.

Do you need help improving the plot of your novel? Are you writing a non-fiction book and don’t know how to sell it online? Don’t put off your dream of becoming a writer any longer!


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