How To Send Mail in Blade and Soul PC and Mobile 2021

How To Send Mail in Blade and Soul PC and Mobile 2024

Here is another gaming tip for our gamers, and we will be showing you How To Send Mail in Blade and Soul. Are you one of the gamers that have a flair for the Blade and soul game? This Korean-based MMO game has been surging in popularity for the past few years. It is not just an enjoyable MMO game, but also a game with stylized Wuxia art and a brisk. Did you know that this Korean game is free to play? Did you also know that it has an enjoyable combat system?


In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to send mail in Blade and Soul game.

How to Send Mail in Blade and Soul Game

In the blade and soul game, the only way that a gamer can send a mail to another gamer is if they have reached level 36. In case you succeed in leveling up to level 36 you can then go to the in-game marketplace to send a mail.

How to Send Mail in Blade and Soul Game

An in-game marketplace is a place in the game, where gamers can go and make purchases and also send mails to other gamers online.

How to Level up In blade and Soul

The adventures of the blade and soul game start from the moment you hop into the game. There are lots of activities to indulge in while trying to level up. There is a lot of suspense surrounding what the end-game content of Blade and soul hides from players.

Blade and Soul leveling Guide

You would notice that as you delve deeper into the game, you would find out that there are more benefits. This is why we have brought to one piece a brief guide that would help you in your bid to level in the game.

Starting Levels

You can reach the initial levels by completing very simple and basic tasks. The moment that you reach the 9th level, you would be made to fight the zombie boss. The best way to take the zombie down in a shorter time frame is to make use of critical attacks.

Next, you would head to the dungeons where you would kill 50 bosses at a time. When you kill them all, you would get a 500XP boost. This is because each of the bosses provides the player with 10XP. With these, you would now be able to pass the level 17 mark.

Mid Levels

The moment that you reach the 20th level, the best thing for the gamer to do is to face the polluted cave. Facing this polluted cave in the game gives off at least 500XP. You can choose to spam the polluted cave as long as you want. The only thing is that you can only go to the polluted cave every 10 minutes.

After this stage, you would be set fair for level 27. Then next up, you would face Kongou after two more levels in the game.
After you beat Kongou alongside other regular quests, you would reach the main level, level 36. If you reach this level, then you can be able to enter the in-game marketplace and send mails to other players.


All the same, it is advised to avoid dungeons when you reach level 36. The best thing to do at this stage is to go to the ease cave to get some fast XP boost.

End Levels

If you have successfully reached this level, you would be able to take the end levels. It would not be difficult for a gamer to get to level 42 if they are doing the quests right.

In level 42, the gamer would be eligible to go to the Heaven Temple. You can also ignore this path and head for the misty forest for the imperial base. At the imperial base, the gamer would be able to get some fancy stuff for the game character.

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Additional Blade and Soul Tips

Here are some useful tips that would help you in the blade and soul game. Here they are;

It is pertinent that you complete all the basic quests that are in the initial levels as they would give the player dropstones. These dropstones can thereafter, be used in the wheel of fortune.

You need to kill as many mobs as you can, as this would give you the experience that would help you to get through the usual quests.

If you indulge in side quests, you would get unique rewards that would give you the strength and experience needed in battles.

Occasionally perform upgrades on your weapons in the game of Blade and soul.

How to earn Gold While leveling up

The process of leveling up in Blade and soul is the best time to get enough assets that would aid you in getting more gold.  The best way to do this is to have the right professions. In the windstride quest, for instance, you would be needing pottery materials.

It is important to note that more gold can be gotten from dungeons. There are a total of six dungeons that can be repeated for materials and gold that you can sell later.


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