Warframe Prime Release Order

Warframe Prime Release Order And Dates

Warframe is a game that continues to intrigue its users with new releases of Primes. These new primes come with their own skill sets, abilities, and other in-game mechanics. The release comes with both Primes and nonPrime types. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a guide on all Warframe Prime release order and their dates. It is important to note that the order we used in detailing the Warframe prime release is a descending one, and not an ascending one. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


Warframe Primes That Were Released In 2019

Here is a complete list of Warframe Primes that were released in the year 2019. In the list, we elucidated on the exact date that the primes came out. It is important for a Warframe gamer to note that a prime takes 100 days before another release is due.

  1. Female vara Prime– 17th December 2019
  2. Male Grendel Prime – 31st October 2019
  3. Male Atlas Prime  – 1st October 2019
  4. Male Gauss Prime – 29th August 2019
  5. Male  Wukong Prime – 6th July 2019
  6. Female Wisp Prime  – 22nd May 2019
  7. Female Equinox Prime– 2nd April 2019
  8. Female  Hildryn Prime – 8th March 2019

Warframe Primes That Were Released In 2020

Here is a list of Warframe primes that came out in the year 2020:

  1. Male Lavos– 19th December 2020
  2. Male Nezha Prime– 27th October 2020
  3. Xaku (Composite) – 25th August 2020
  4. Male Inaros Prime – 14th July 2020
  5. Female Protea– 11th June 2020
  6. Male Titania Prime – 31st March 2020

Warframe Primes That Were Released In The Year 2021

2021 is one of the most intriguing years in the history of Warframe prime releases. It is important to note that 7 primes were released, with 4 being male, and 3 being female. Here is a list of the Warframe Primes that came out in 2021

  1. Female Gara Prime– 25th May 2021
  2. Male Sevagoth– 13th April 2021
  3. Female Octavia Prime– 23rd February 2021
  4. Male Nidus Prime- 8th September 2021
  5. Male Harrow Prime- 15th December 2021
  6. Male Caliban- 15th December 2021
  7. Female Yareli – 6th July 2021

Warframe Primes That Were Released In 2022

One interesting thing about the releases of this year is that they are all female. And are the fewest. Although more primes might be released by the developers, there are only three to enjoy. This is why you should bookmark this blog post, so that we will keep you updated with more Warframe primes as they come out for the year 2022.

Here is the complete list of primes that have been released in the year 2022:

  • Female Khora Prime- July 16, 2022
  • Female Gyre- April 27, 2022
  • Female Garuda Prime -March 22, 2022

Upcoming Releases Of Warframe Primes 

The Warframe gaming community is an ever-expansive one. In light of this, here are the releases of composite, male and female primes with their release dates for the future.

  1. Female Revenant Prime- set to be released this summer in 2022.
  2. Male Baruuk Prime- set to be released in the coming fall of 2022.
  3. Female Hildryn Prime- expected to be released in the Winter of 2022.
  4. Female Wisp Prime- expected to the released in the Spring of next year (2023)
  5. Female Gauss Prime- expected to be released in the Summer of 2023
  6. Male Grendel Prime- expected to be released in the Fall of 2023

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