Top 14 Canadian Dance Music Artists to Listen to While Gaming

The right music is guaranteed to heighten any experience you might have. It’s no surprise, then, that many Canadian gamers are looking for artists to listen to while grinding out their favourite game. Whether you’re looking for a new artist, or just want some new dance music, we can all agree music will make any experience better while playing any online game on any local Canadian $5 deposit casino or just gaming from your home console. So we’ve compelled some of the best Canadian dance music groups to listen to today!


Canadian dance music groups

Some of the best Canadian dance musicians work as groups. These groups consist of talented Canadian musicians who work hard to create the best albums. Here are the best Canadian dance music groups to listen to! This list references both duos as well as larger groups.

1. Delerium

This dance music duo formed in 1987 has a variety of songs that add both atmosphere and excitement to your gaming experience. They are best known for their chart-topping single ‘Silence’. This group has a solid lead singer, making for an enjoyable listening experience.

2. Duck Sauce

This dance music duo from 2009 creates some of the best music to game too. With a unique sound and complex albums, this group stands apart from other Canadian dance music duos. This group has a part sound to it, and each musician is a talented singer.

3. One To One

this candian dance music duo was formed in the late 80s and released their debut album in 1984. This group stands out from other candian dance music duos for having released a total of ten chart-topping hits throughout their existence. Like most projects formed during the 80s, the group has a heavy disco sound.

4. Lime

This dance duo creates music that has a softer sound, with many of their tracks being perfect for a relaxed gaming experience. Though this group never charted in their existence, their music is still perfect for a fun gaming experience. This group is often considered to be in the disco category.

5. Voggue

This group, which was active in the late 70s, creates disco music that can put anyone in the party mood. Unlike other groups, this canadian group is a rare find. The singer of this group notably has a softer-sounding voice creating a unique sound, placing this group in the disco category.

6. All Saints

This dance music group was formed in 1993, and remain a fairly popular group to this day. This group has a soft sound, and is a group made up of career singer. Like other projects formed in the 90s, this group has an indi-type sound and each album they released sounds slightly different. Most notably, All Saints released a cover of the song ‘Under the Bridge’ that evolved the song into a new work of art.


7. Dragonette

This gr0up was formed in Canada during the early 2000s. The band consists of singer-songwriter Martina Sorbara on lead vocals as well as a drummer and bassist. This group falls under the synthpop category, making them a unique dance music group.

8. Prozzak

This canadian pop group is among the most popular on this list, consisting of a singer and a songwriter. The group’s albums tell the tale of a friend duo in search of true love, and each album is as unique as the other. This group is among the top-selling canadian dance music groups.

9. Roxxy

This singer-songwriter is an independent musician who creates music spanning multiple categories. She has collaborated with multiple other artists, though it should be noted that her primary music style is dance.

10. Trans-x

Trans-x is a Canadian duop founded in the 80s. They fall into the category of synth-pop and are largely known for their one chart-topping single. This group produces music that can put anybody in the mood to party.

11. Kon Kan

This duo, formed in the late 80s, is made up of two talented musicians. This group charted multiple times, and was nominated for a juno award in 1991.

12. One Ton

This group formed in the late 80s produces both cover tracks and original music. The group is made up of talented musicians, and among the artists this list references they have perhaps the most awards.

13. Dirty Radio

This group, founded fairly recently, is known for combining different styles of music into one unique category. It should be noted that this group is still active today, and continue to release songs today.

14. Conjure One

The last group on this list is a project ongoing to this day. This group does both cover music and original music, and the constantly shifting membership makes it hard to place them into one category.


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