Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter × Hunter?

Gon is an interesting character in the Hunter X Hunter anime. In the anime he confronted NeferPitou, and in a rage that was caused by the death of his father figure and friend, got out of control. He made a Nen contract that gave him the power to defeat pitou. However, the price for the power he used to defeat Neferpitou was his Nen. In the course of this article, we will be learning how he lost his Nen, and whether he gets it back. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


In Hunter X Hunter, What Is Nen?

In a bid to easily understand Gon’s situation, you need to first understand what a Nen is in Hunter x Hunter. A Nen is what responds to the aims, strengths, and wants of the user.
Simply put a Nen is a mental system that is based on the mental system of the individuality of the user. With the aid of a Nen, the user can raise the power or ability by limiting other aspects. This Nen will help the user to redirect all the energy to one area.
A practical example is when a user decides to use the Nen to enhance power and use it against another person, that power will develop to be stronger. The basis of the contract of Nen is to follow its constraint; also known as Limitations.

How Gon Lost His Nen in Hunter X Hunter


As stated earlier, Gon made a Nen contract, so that he could get enough power to defeat Neferpitou. To enhance his ability to defeat Neferpitou, Gon uses his life as a bargaining chip, alongside all his Nen. In Hunter x Hunter, Gon infamously stated; “I don’t care if this is the end, I need more power”.
As the comic progresses, Nen exorcists are not able to remove the effects of the contract he made. Gon should have died by virtue of the contract that he made, however, he is restored by Alluka. After Gon recovers from the Election Arc, Gon left Gin and others and returned to Whale Island.

Happened To Gon’s Nen And Whether He Got It Back

Gon reached out to Ging, after finding out that he could no longer sense his aura. He expressed concern, under the belief that he had lost his Nen due to a contract he made. However, Ging cleared him in that, stating that Gon had never lost his Nen. That in fact, Nen exists in all living things.
Ging inferred that Gon had only lost his ability to manipulate and control his Nen. He was further advised to be happy that he returned to normal. It is important to note that Ging did not offer him help in getting back his Nen, but told him that he would need to figure that out himself.

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The story in Hunter X Hunter does not plot Gon as a character that used his Nen. The character of Gon was designed to show him as a person that found value in his strength. However, without his strength, due to his inability to control his Nen, Gon can finally mature.


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