Kurapika’s Chains Meaning – What Every Chain In Each Finger Means

One interesting character in Hunter X Hunter is Kurapika. This character was plotted as the last survivor of the Kurta Clan. He is a blacklist hunter and the leader of an organization in the comic that was founded by light Nostrade. What makes this character interesting is the five chains that he wears on his hands. This article will be focusing on the five of them, and what they mean.


This is What Every Chain In Each Kurapika’s Finger Means


1. Judgment Chain (Located In The Pinky Finger)

This is an interesting chain that is located in the pinky finger of Kurapika. This chain has a sword attached to it.  The name of the sword is the stake of retribution. With this chain, the comic character known as Kurapika can stab into the target’s heart in a bid to enforce a rule.
For the target to then stay alive, they must follow the rules until they die from other causes or the sword by which they were stabbed is taken away.
The ability and the use of this chain in the pinky finger is only available when Kurapika’s eyes turn red. This change in eye color indicates that Kurapika is making use of his special ability to use other types of nen.

2. Dowsing Chain (Located In The Ring Finger)

Another interesting ring that is used by Kurapika in the Hunter X Hunter comic is the downsing chain. The Downsing chain is normally used for offensive and defensive purposes. It can also be used by Kurapika for investigative activities such as determining the location of individuals that are missing, and telling if someone was lying.
The feature of the downsing chain is that it has a ball attached to it. The swinging of the ball tells Kurapika where someone or something is. It swings when someone is lying, and as stated earlier, can be used for attack.

3. Chain Jail (Located In The Middle Finger)


The next interesting chain of Kurapika is the chain jali which can be found in the middle finger. This chain can be used by Kuparika to force prisoners into a state of Zetsu. In that state, their auro would be shut off, preventing them from using their Nen abilities. It is important to note that Kurapika can only use this chain to spiders, and if the ability is violated, it might lead to the death of Kurapika.

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4. The Steel Chain (Located In The Index Fingers)

This chain of Kurapika’s is located in the pointing finger otherwise known as the index finger. When it pierces the body of the target, it will drain their aura and then steal one of their Nen abilities. It is important to note that this chain has the shape of a syringe, and can be very painful for the target. With the aid of the Steel Chain, the target of Kurapika can be put into a state of Zetsu. Nen type here can only be used for conjuration.

5. Holy Chain (Located In The Thumb Finger)

It is a chain located in the thumb finger of Kurapika that can be used to cure wounds. The chain on this finger is used to heal from a scratch to an injury that is very serious in a matter of seconds. It is important to note that the ability of this chain can be used on anyone regardless of their nen type.


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