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The Best Animation Series to Stream with family

Animated shows appeal to kids as well as adults. The layered characters, engaging storyline, and heartfelt yet simple portrayal of deep emotions are something that is often underappreciated in these series. However, you can’t expect to like and appreciate all the shows that your kids might be into. 


So, we have prepared this list of the best animated series that you can stream with your loved ones, adults and children alike, in order to have that quality family time. Let’s get into it.


This animated series tells the story of a warhorse who ends up in a magical world of centaurs. But this world has more than just your normal human plus horse type of centaurs, as we can see all types of animals mixed with human features. The different personalities of the show carry the series in a really wacky and creative manner. 

However, it also sends the important message of accepting our differences and treating everyone with kindness. Mix it together with catchy music, and you have the perfect series to watch on lazy Sunday mornings with your kids. You can watch this on Netflix, and in case you don’t have access to the show in your location, you have a VPN to your rescue.

Codename: Kid’s Next Door

Codename: Kid’s Next Door is the story of five kids working for a global espionage organization that works on fighting crimes against kids, crimes like flossing and homework. And the best part is that they all stay in a giant tree house. Wasn’t that our collective childhood dream? 

The secretive operations and the gadgets introduce your kids to the world of action and science fiction. Also, since the storyline gets complex, it becomes a treat for adults as well. Don’t miss the pop culture references from X-Men, James Bond, The Matrix, and other movies! 

This show is available on Prime Video, and if you want to access it for free, you can download one of the recommended Kodi addons, such as the Amazon VOD addon. These add-ons are easy to use and will give you access to premium content within a few clicks. It will also allow you to watch several other animated movies on Firestick, PCs, or any other device without spending a single dime.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Don’t sleep on this young adult animated series. Available on Netflix, it is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a girl named Kipo Oak has to leave her burrow and traverse the dangerous surface world. Amidst the land ruled by strange beasts, she is determined to find her father, scientist Lio Oak. 

In her journey, she is joined by Wolf, who was raised by wolves, Benson, and mutant animals, insect Dave and pig Mandu. Viewers of all ages will be able to appreciate the animation and the representation of characters of color and queer characters. 

Tune in now and enjoy the stunning art and transformative music with your kids. It is available on Netflix with a paid subscription. If you want to bypass it and watch this series and other animated movies on Firestick, PC, or your mobile phone, give Kodi addons a try!


The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder

Transport yourself back to the original vibrant spirit of Disney with this series. It follows the story of Penny and her family and friends who have to deal with cyberbullying and wokeness. It has the perfect mix of cartoon slapstick and age-appropriate jokes that will remind you of the classic American animation shows you used to watch as kids. 

Throughout the series, you will experience fun and emotions in a beautiful visual style. You can either pay to watch the show on Hotstar or watch it on a free streaming site. Don’t forget to use a VPN!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

A reboot of the 1985 series She-Ra: Princess of Power, this series revolves around Adora, a teenager who was trained under Lord Hordak of the evil Horde army. It has all the fun and action that your kids will enjoy and a take on difficult topics, such as the long-lasting impact of being raised in an abusive environment. 

It has a great mix of action, humor, and a diverse cast of queer characters and characters of plural. Part of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe world, this show is an epic romp that shouldn’t be missed. The series is available on Netflix, although you can also watch it on one of the free streaming sites. However, we recommend using Kodi addons for getting free access to it.

Adventure Time

When Adventure Time was first released, it was focused on kids, but it didn’t stop adults from loving the engaging tale it told. Finn, the protagonist of the show, goes on adventures with his adoptive brother and best friend, Jake, who is also a shape-shifter. The two travel to the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo and navigate all the challenges together. 

If you love adventure-filled shows and want your kids to see LGBTQIA+ representation of the show, this is a must-watch. It deals with certain adult-oriented themes in a very tactful manner, combined with heavy emotions and witty humor. 

Adventure Time is currently streaming on Prime Video. You can watch it and other animated movies on Firestick or other devices for free using Kodi addons. However, you still might have to use a VPN, depending on where you are located.

Avatar: The Last Airbender + The Legend of Korra

This list would be incomplete with this series. In the world of Avatar, people are divided into four nations, and each of them has the power to bend one of the four elements—fire, air, water, and earth. At the center of the story is Aang, the last Airbender, who is an avatar and can bend all elements. Because of his abilities, people are relying on him to connect the human and spirit worlds. 

The merits of the show are endless, including impressive writing, strong characters, and epic world-building. Needless to say, it is a top-tier series with breathtaking animation that will drop you from your couch straight into the world of element bending. There are several free streaming sites where you can watch this saga for free.


These animated series are a perfect mix of fun and emotions. You can watch these shows on streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, along with several other family-friendly content. Once you are set, just grab some popcorn and your kids and get started on an animated adventure.


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