Most Used Fortnite Skins

10 Most Used Fortnite Skins in 2024

Thinking of the best Battle Royale game to binge play? Try out the Fortnite video game. This game has gained a lot of foothold in the gaming industry for the past 3 years. It is an interesting battle Royale-based Multiplayer that features addictive in-game mechanics.


One of these mechanics is the Fortnite skin. It is an item that can be bought inside the game store of Fortnite. Well we at Genuizmedia, found out that a lot of gamers are a bit choosy about the Fortnite skin that they want to opt for. That’s because there are dozens of skins to choose from.

In the course of this article, we would be doing a favor by giving you a comprehensive list of the 10 most used skins in Fortnite. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Here are the 20 Most Popular Fortnite Skins in 2024

1. Fortnite Agent Jonesy Skin

These interesting Fortnite skins were featured in the game at the end of chapter 2. There are two ways that a gamer can acquire this skin. And that is, by completing a Fortnite battle pass, or by purchasing the Fortnite Agent Jonesy Skin in the in-game store.

2. Fortnite Agent Peely Skin

The second most used Fortnite skin is the Agent Peely skin, and that is because it is a major part of season 12 of the video game. There are also two ample ways to acquire Fortnite skins. And that is by either going through a tough battle pass or by purchasing it directly from the Fortnite game store.

3. Fortnite Airhead Skin

The third most used Fortnite skin is the Fortnite Airhead skin. This skin is so popular because it has a lot of design details attached to it. This peculiar skin has a red balloon and also features something that looks like a knight armor. Not forgetting, it also features unique TNT strapped to the hips of the skin. It can be acquired from the in-game store of the Fortnite multi-player game.

4. Fortnite Airheart Skin

This is fourth most used skin that can be gotten by either finishing a battle pass or by purchasing it from an in-game store with v-bucks. It is not always available in the store, and returns to the store after an average of 157 days.

5. Fortnite Alli Skin

The Fortnite Alli skin is the 5th most used Fortnite skin and a Fortnite gamer can get this skin from the mouse and cat set. It is important for every gamer to know that this skin was added way back in season 6 chapter 2 of the game, yet is one of the most used skins out there.

6. Fortnite Aloy Skin


The sixth most used skin in the Fortnite game is the Aloy skin. This skin can be acquired by a gamer with the use of V-bucks with is the currency that is set by the developers for use as a currency. You can also get the Aloy skin in Fortnite with the aid of a battle pass mission.

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7. Fortnite Alpine Ace Skin

This Fortnite skin is interestingly the male version of the Ski skin. It was released in the event of the winter Olympics of 2018. In fact, this skin was purposefully themed after the Olympics event of 2018. There is an option to purchase the skin, and also one of completing a battle pass to get it.

8. Fortnite Alpine Ace (CAN) Skin

The Fortnite Alpine Ace skin might not be as common as other skins that have been reviewed above, but it was worth being placed on the eight spot of our list. This interesting Fortnite skin returns to the in-game shop after 132 days.

Before moving on to the next skin, it is important to note that this skin was themed to look like the Canadian flag. A gamer can get the Fortnite Alpine skin (CAN) by completing a battle pass or by purchasing it with v-bucks in the store. Also worth noting, is that this skin has other variants that are themed with the flags of other countries, as is evident with the next Fortnite skin.

9. Fortnite Alpine Ace (CHN) Skin

This is an interesting variation of the Fortnite Alpin Ace skin. This Alpine skin is themed after the Chinese flag. It was added into the first chapter of season 1 of the Fortnite video game. This interesting Chinese-based skin cost around 1500 V-bucks in the Fortnite store.

10. Fortnite Alpine Ace (FRA) Skin

The 10th most used Fortnite Alpine skin in the Fortnite store is the Fortnite Alpine Ace (FRA) skin. It is a skin that is based on the color scheme of the French Flag. The Fortnite Alpine Ace skin can be obtained from the in-game store or by completing the battle pass. It was released into the Fortnite game store on the 4th of February 2018.

Understanding what a Fortnite skin is and how it works?

For newbies, a Fortnite skin can be seen as an outfit that is usually worn by a Fortnite game character. With the aid of a Fortnite skin, you can change the look and feel of a game character. There are at least 4 variants of a Fortnite skin that every Fortnite game enthusiast should know. And these four variants of Fortnite skins come at different prices (in V-bucks).
They are:

  • The uncommon Fortnite skins that cost at least 800 v bucks
  • The Rare Fortnite skins cost a player at least 1300 v-bucks
  • The legendary Fortnite skins cost a player at least 1000 v-bucks and finally
  • The Epic Fortnite skins cost a gamer at least 1500 v-bucks.

It is important to note that the most used Fortnite skins that have been reviewed above can be classified into any of these four variations of skin.


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