Unlock Submarine Slots At The Argosy

How To Unlock More Submarine Slots At The Argosy

Millions of gamers worldwide play Monster Hunter Rise online. This action packed video game has an interesting feature known as the Argosy. It is  a trading hub where different in-game materials, Palicio gadgets, the submarine slots and resources can be traded. However, the submarine slots stand out as the resource that gamers are after. In the course of this article, we will cover a guide on how to unlock more submarine slots at the Argosy. Without further ado, let us delve in.


How The Argosy In Monster Rise Works

Before we delve into a practical guide on how to unlock more submarine slots at the Argosy, you need to know how the Argosy works. Argosy in the game, is a large trading vessel that is managed by an eccentric merchant who goes by Argosy Captain. It is a vessel that sails between different locations, carrying valuable resources within it. These in-game resources can help gamers during their quests.

It is important for a Monster Hunter Rise gamer to note that the Argosy docks at the Buddy Plaza. Here you can interact with the captain and customize its services. You can select the resources you want the Argosy to bring back from its voyages.

4 Steps To Unlock More Submarine Slots 

The Argosy has a limited amount of submarine slots. However that does not mean that there are no ways to unlock more slots and expand the gathering capabilities. Here is a step by step guide on how a gamer can go about it:

Step 1: Progress Through The Game


The first step is easy- it involves going through the gameplay. As you go through the story quests of the Monster Hunter Rise game, you will unlock additional submarine slots. It is important to note that the time when the new slots will become available varies. This is why a gamer should pay attention when they finish a major milestone. In short, when you keep progressing in the game, you will find out that your submarine slot is increasing.

Step 2: Increase Your HR (Hunter Rank)

The HR of a Monster Hunter Rise gamer plays an important role in the expansion of the services of Argosy. When you have higher HR, the Argosy captain will give you more slots. This makes increasing your Hunter Rank, a cheeky and easy way to unlock more submarine slots in the game.

Step 3: Fulfill Argosy Requests

Whenever you are aboard the Argosy, fulfilling requests helps to get more points, which increases your HR, thus giving you more submarine slots. When the rank of the gamer increases, more slots will become available. This is a practical reason why you should be on the lookout for the Argosy Captain’s requests.

Step 4: By Using Buddy Tickets

Buddy Tickets are in-game items that are earned when you complete specific quests or tasks related to Palico and other buddies. In this step, you will need to accumulate buddy tickets and then exchange them with the captain in order to unlock more submarine slots.

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One interesting milestone that a gamer can reach in Monster Hunter Rise is unlocking submarine slots. It is a way of rating your success as a skilled hunter. As you progress through this action packed game, raise your HR, fulfill the requests of the Argosy Captain, and then gradually unlock additional slots.


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