Level Up Fast Roblox Demonfall

How To Level Up Fast In Roblox Demonfall

Roblox Demonfall is one of the best action packed games out there with a large online following. In a bid to unlock new powers, weapons, and abilities, you need to level up.  If you wish to climb the ranks quickly in the Roblox Demonfall game, here is a practical guide on how you can level up fast.


Step 1: Master The Basics Of The Leveling Strategies

Before you kickstart your journey to level up fast in Roblox Demonfall, the gamer needs to be proficient in the game’s fundamentals. Spend quality time in order to hone your skills, so that you will have a solid understanding of the skills and weaknesses of your game character.

Step 2: Opt For The Best Breathing Style

It is important to note that in the Roblox Demonfall game, the Breathing Styles determine the combat powers of your game character. With each Breathing Style, your character has unique skills. Choose a Breathing Style that suits, as it can impact the leveling speed. In order to come off with the best choice, the gamer should experiment with different breathing styles.

Step 3: Go and Quests and Missions

When a Roblox Demonfall gamer embarks on quests and missions, they wind up with XP(also known as experience points). Going on quests and earning experience points is a fast way to level up in Roblox Demonfall. In addition to experience points, the game would also get valuable items and currency. As a practical guide, two in-game quests that you can embark on to win XPs are; killing Rui, and Zenitsu. When you kill Rui, the gamer will get 500 XP, while when you kill Zenitsu, the gamer will get 700 XP. With the experience points, a player can level up fast.

How to kill Rui In Roblox Demonfall


In the game, one of the last jobs involves going out to kill the bandit leader Rui in the jungle. It is important to note that this in-game quest can only be performed once on your own. This seems difficult, but there is a workaround to it. You will use your main character to kill Rui and gain XP. Then, use another character to complete the Rui task and get another experience point. To repeat the task, use the alt key to exit the server during the battle. As stated earlier, killing Rui will give the gamer 500 points, which can be used to level up fast.

How to Kill Zenitsu In Roblox Demonfall

Another interesting demon boss in Roblox Demonfall is Zenitsu. In a bid to get to Zenitsu, the gamer needs to have the Sakura Passage wide open. When you kill this NPC, you will get 700 XPs. Engaging this demon is a surefire way to farm more experience points, thus leveling up fast.

Step 4: Team Up With Other Roblox Demonfall Gamers

When you team up with other gamers, your leveling up journey will have a substantial difference. When you play in a group in the Roblox Demonfall game, there will be a higher yield of bonus XP. This will be a win-win for all gamers.

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It is important to note that leveling up fast in Roblox Demonfall is a rewarding experience. By mastering the basics of the game, opting for the best Breathing Style, embarking on quests, and teaming up with other players, you can get more points and level up fast.


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