How To Skip Fortnite Intro on PC, PS5 and PS4

At the introduction of the Fortnite game, there is a cinematic intro that always plays. This intro usually consists of a well-animated and stunning visualization that brings the Fortnite game to life. But what if you simply don’t care about the introduction, and what to get right into playing the Fortnite game?


What Fortnite Intros look Like

Fortnite Intros
A Fortnite is used by the game developers to give the game players spoilers ahead of the match. It is used to set an exciting atmosphere before delving into gameplay. One major use of these cinematic intros is the use of it to show off, new weapons, and skins. It is also used to show the gamers new game mechanics that they can try out in the game.
Most intros are mostly not based on warfare, some are used to show an aesthetic character dancing with beautiful animation littered all over.
Here is a simple guide on how to skip intros in Fortnite:

How You Can Skip Intro In Fortnite

If you are using your PC, you can skip the Fortnite intro by pressing down the escape key. After pressing down the escape key, there will be a small arrow that will appear on the lower right of your screen, and you will need to click on it. With your PC and this directive, you can skip the intro and go right into the Fortnite gameplay.
If you are a PlayStation user, all you need to do is to press the X button from your game controller. This will aid the gamer to skip the intro and jumping right into game action.
For Fortnite gamers users using Xbox, you will need to press the A button, after which you will be given a prompt for ending the Fortnite introductory cinematic.
For Nintendo Switch console gamers, you can skip the Fortnite introductory cinematic and get right into game action by pressing down the B button.
All the same, it is important for Fortnite gamers to bear in mind that Fortnite intro videos are not time-wasting. They are well-curated and sometimes include some exciting spoilers. This is why it is highly recommended to watch these videos once before learning to skip the Fortnite intros in their entirety.

Why Is The Fortnite Game So Interesting?


This multiplayer online multiplayer game is one of the best battle royale games on the planet. Fortnite is an interesting cross-platform game that is available on most devices.


This is a feature that is oftentimes shown in a cinematic Fortnite intro. A microtransaction in Fortnite allows a gamer to buy cosmetic items and a “battle pass”. This way, a gamer can level up their account in a quicker way and get rewards of bonus cosmetics.

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The Battle Royal Mode

This is the most interesting feature of the Fortnite game. It is important to note that this mode is also shown a lot in Fortnite intros. It involves a game scenario where over 100 players are airdropped onto an island, where they must scavenge for equipment and weapons. You can start your gameplay with any weapons or other objects. Warfare is not the only in-game mechanic shown in Fortnite intros, building projects by game characters are also shown.


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