Main Differences between Social and Online Casinos

3 Main Differences between Social and Online Casinos

The two main types of casinos are online casinos and social casinos. While online casinos serve gamblers willing to bet real money on the games, social casinos serve players wanting to relax, play games, have fun, and make friends. The social gaming market has 300 million active players on Facebook alone, indicating that social gaming is more popular than online gambling.


Social casinos have more players eager to have fun, while online casinos have more players willing to spend money. Online casinos turn to social casinos for effective ways to retain player loyalty and attract new players. Social casinos look at online casinos for ways to monetize their existing player base. While social casinos reach out to more players, online casinos make more profits.

One thing’s for sure though, whether you prefer social or online casinos, no one’s ever passed up the opportunity of winning real money. And this is a feature only online casinos can offer. In fact, there are entire sites dedicated to advertising only the best operators, with some of the latest and virtually unbeatable bonuses.

Here are three things that set social and online casinos apart:

Social Casinos Are More Popular Than Online Casinos

Although social gamers do not win real money while playing at social casinos, they are more popular. Social casinos serve highly engaged communities of players. Active social gamers play every two days, unlike active online gamblers who play once in four days.

Moreover, 60% of social gamers continue to play even after exhausting their starting bankroll compared to the 7% of online gamblers who continue playing after losing their first deposits.Social players play longer, and over half of them continue to be active even after six months of joining. Compare this to the 8% of online gamblers continuing to play for several months.
Here are two reasons for the popularity of social casinos:

  • Social games are more visible than gambling games. Gamers notice them while using social networking sites like Facebook. They start playing again when they view their friends’ progress or receive messages on social gaming apps.
  • Online gamblers bet real money on the games only to win real money prizes. They may not play more after winning a big jackpot. Social gamers, on the other hand, have more reasons to play. They want to compete with friends, achieve higher gaming levels, and interact with friends.

Social Gaming is More Rewarding than Online Gambling

Online casinos do not care for non-depositing players because they do not generate profits. But social casinos work differently. They value non-paying players because they contribute a lot to the fun factor of social gaming.The presence of non-paying players encourages a small percentage of competitive social gamers who purchase virtual currency because of their eagerness to beat their friends and emerge as the champions.

The sense of satisfaction is higher at social casinos because of their generosity with bonuses. The average social casino gives away bonuses, free virtual coins, and other incentives to play once every four hours. But the average online casino gives away bonuses only on their players’ deposits.

If you lose your deposit at an online casino, you no longer have a reason to return. But social casinos give their players plenty of incentives to come back and play even if they do not win at the games.

Online Casino Players Win Real Money, Social Casino Players Do Not

One of the disadvantages of a social casino is that players can never win real money. The focus of a social casino is on having fun and socializing. Social casinos make money only when their customers buy more virtual currency to spend on the games.

On the other hand, online casino players can win real money prizes. When you wager real money on the games, you stand the chance of winning real cash. You can also become a casino millionaire if you get lucky while playing progressive jackpot games. While a very unlikely scenario, there’s no harm in dreaming…


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