Ion Power Cells in Subnautica

How to Make Ion Power Cells in Subnautica

Today we will be learning how to make an ion power cell in Subnautica. Subnautica is an interesting underwater adventure simulator game that features players going into the deep blue sea. One of the things that players are designed to go after in the game is the Ion Power cells.


Also the player according to the game plot is made to accumulate resources that can be used in the game. One of the most important resources that is worth accumulating in the game is the ion power cells. In the game, it is important to note that there are in-game resources that are more important than others.

The main challenge however, comes from the fact that most of them are very difficult to come by. In the course of this article, we would be looking at how to ion power cells in Subnautica. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

What is an ion Power cell?

Ion power cells are in-game resources that are used the same way as power cells. Although, there are lots of other interesting things that a player can do in the subnautica. With the aid of an ion power cell, vehicles used for transporting players can be powered up.

Before the players would be able to use the ion power cell, they would first of all need to make a battery. The moment that the battery is made, it is few steps away from becoming an ion power cell. Before that, the intermediate stage is to first become a power cell. According to the game plot in the subnautica game, all these can be done in the fabricator.

It is important for a player to know that batteries in the game can be charged at seabase with the aid of the Power cell charger. Of a truth, this power would drain whenever the vehicle is used and even when the Cyclops is making used of any type of equipment that is moveable. It is important for the player to note that a stand up power cell has a storage capacity of 200 max of energy.

This is How to get ion Power Cells in Subnautica

Since the power cell has declared its importance by being able to store up to five times max energy, you can’t find it loitering about easily. The player would need the right data to be able to craft one. According to the game plot, the players would be charged to go into the world of the subnautica and find the “Alien Data Terminals”.

This would be used as the right blueprint for building an ion power cells. From then onwards, the blueprint would be found in the orange alien terminal that is on the inside of the “Alien Thermal plant”.

The blueprint can be seen inside the “Inactive Lava Zone” which is located inside the “Lava castle”. On the inside of the plant, the players would need to come through two doors that are locked and would require the player to use a purple tablet to unlock it.

One of the doors would then be opened, and would lead the game character to the “blue Alien Tablet”. It is this tablet that would be used to get access to the primary containment facility at a later stage. The door from here would have other terminals with one of them being the orange terminal that would have the ion power cell blueprint.


What does a player need to make an Ion power cell in the Subnautica game?

The perfect recipe for making an ion power cell in the subnautica game is two batteries, one silicone, and one rubber. It is important to note that this battery can hold up five times the capacity as compared to a standard power cell.

This is why it might take longer to charge the battery. With the charged battery, the player would have an expanded capability to explore the map of subnautica with a vehicle.

It is important to also note that the ion power cells can be used for Cyclops, seamoth, prawn suit.

Taking a Dip into Subnautica Gameplay

This is a first-person game that is themed to look like a survival adventure game. According to the game plot, the player controls a scientist that arrives at a planet called 4546B. He is on the planet to look for clues that are related to a research team that vanished there. Just like his predecessor, the objective of the player is to explore the environment and survive in an alien environment. Here, players would need to collect resources, craft tools, and build bases.

The Subnautica game primarily occurs underwater and also has some significant land-based areas that the gamer can explore. There are also some structures in the game that are worth exploring. They can also be found underwater or in landed areas.

Still reflecting on Subnautica gameplay, the player would need to select a difficulty mode out of the four modes that would be reviewed in subsequent paragraphs:

Survival mode: this mode entails the player managing their health, thirst, oxygen, hunger, and temperature. But when the player dies, some of the items they got in the gameplay would be lost.

Freedom Mode: this is an interesting mode that is similar to the survival mode. It is a mode wherewith the hunger and thirst are inactivated.

The Hardcore mode: this is a mode whereby the player would not be able to respawn if they die. Also, in this mode, upon the death of the player, the saved file would be deleted permanently.

Creative mode: this is a mode that sees the hunger, the thirst, oxygen, and temperature mode disabled in gameplay.


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