How to Make a Bed in Terraria

How to Make a Bed in Terraria 2024 With Easy Steps

How do you make a bed in terraria? Well, if creating a house and crafting a table is complicated in Terraria, making a bed, is harder. You would need to use some basic crafting stations in your town and put together some ingredients before you can be able to make a bed in the game.


In the course of this article, you would be learning how you can make a bed in the Terraria game. We would also teach you how to make a sawmill, which is a major requirement for making beds in the game.

Here is How to make bed in Terraria 2024

The first thing that a player needs to put in place are five crafting stations. These crafting stations are; sawmill, loom, anvil, furnace, and Bench. It is important to note that these crafting stations would be deployed after they are created. It is in these crafting stations that the player can put together all the ingredients that would be needed for making a bed in Terraria. In a bid to produce a bed in Terraria, you will need to follow the steps below;

  • Step 1: You need to produce a workbench with 10 wood. This can be done by pressing the ESC key on your PC to open the crafting menu and scroll through your crafting options. Afterward, move on to Click the icon for the workbench to make it.
  • Step 2: The next thing the player in Terraria needs to do is to make a furnace. This can be done by clicking on the workbench, after which 20 stone and 3 torches would be combined.
  • Step 3: Then go and get 15 iron ore, then click the furnace in the game. This would smelt the iron ore to produce 5 iron bars.
  • Step 4: To be able to use the newly made iron bars, click the workbench, then create an anvil.
  • Step 5: Produce a sawmill with the aid of 10 wood, a chain, and 2 iron bars.
  • Step 6: The next step would be to produce a loom with 12 wood at any sawmill. After which you can use 35 cobwebs to make 5 silk.
  • Step 7: The final step involves putting together 5 Silk and 15 wood at a sawmill to make a bed in the Terraria video game.

What do beds do in Terraria?

How to Make a Bed in Terraria2
The Terraria beds are important because they are used to set the spawn point to whatever they are placed. To set the spawn point, the player would need at least 7 blocks to wide by 5 blocks. It has to be made from dirt and has a wall that was built by a player.

In the game, you’ll also be able to sleep in bed. The only exception is the blood moon which speeds up cloud movement and time. If the Terraria bed is destroyed, then the spawn point in the game would be rest to the default location. Let us use subsequent paragraphs to go through the specifics of making a bed in the terraria game.

Making a workbench

In a bid to create a workbench in the game, the player would need at least 10 wood. The wood can be gotten by chopping down trees with an axe that you would get when the game starts.

To be able to physically make a work bench, you would need to open the crafting menu and press down the ESC key. This would select the option to craft a workbench at the bottom left of the game screen. Once you have created the bench, it can be deployed by selecting an inventory and left-clicking on a flat surface.

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Making a furnace

To produce a furnace, a player can use 20 stone blocks, 4 wood of any kind and 3 torches. Select the workbench, then scroll down to the option for creating a furnace.


Here the player would need to deploy the item to be able to use it. You would need the item to create a furnace that would be used to smelt iron ore into iron bars.

To be able to get some stone blocks for the building process, you would need to use a pickaxe that you would find in your inventory. With this tool you can mine stone blocks underground.

You can produce anywhere by combing one particular wood with one gel. You get a gel by killing any slime you see.

Making an anvil

When you are done with constructing a furnace, the next step would be to mine 15 ores of iron. You can mine the 15 ores of iron with the aid of a pickaxe and smelt them in a furnace. After that, combine the 5 iron bars that you smelted in a workbench. The combination would help the player to make an anvil. With these, you make chains that you would use to create the much-needed sawmill.

How to make a Sawmill

In other to produce a sawmill you need to have a crafting station. With a sawmill,  a player can make advanced wood. Here are some of the ingredients that need to be put in place to make a sawmill in the Terraria game.

  • 10 wood
  • 10 iron bar
  • Chain

All you need to do is to combine the chain with other ingredients that you would see in the sawmill.

How to make a loom

To make a loom in teriaria the player must have created a sawmill first. In the process of making a loom, 12 of any kind of wood can be used. With the loom, you can craft 5 silk with the aid of 35 cobwebs. They can be found in an underground area.

After creating at least 5 silk from the loom, then go to the sawmill and combine the silk with 15 wood and make your bed.


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