How to Help Get Rid of Mice in Walls

How to Help Get Rid of Mice in Walls

As summer approaches, annoying enemies such as mosquitoes, flies, and other insects make their appearance. Dealing with them is manageable and you can chase them quite easily. But if there are mice in your apartment, this problem can get huge.

But what can we gain from mice? Small rodents, in addition to being annoying, carry many germs and can cause health problems or contaminate your home. Their presence is much more frequent in houses with gardens, yards, storage or basement, attic, and especially in cottages.


Where Can Mice Be Found?

Even if you live in an apartment, it is not at all difficult for them to drill. They can break into an apartment and hide:

  • Inside holes
  • holes in the floor or cabinets
  • cracks in walls
  • pipes and drains

Below you will find tips and suggestions how to get rid of mice at home, taking drastic measures!

How Can We Sense The Presence of Mice In Apartments?

Aside from the noises, the clearest way to tell if mice are in apartments is through mouse feces. So apart from the gnawing or their steps that can make their presence felt, their “dirt” is a sign.
Also, eaten furniture and electrical wires can betray that they have invaded your home. If you notice damage, scratches, and eaten corners, then you should suspect that you have “invaders”. It’s time to take necessary measures against them!

What Are Mouse Feces?

It is easy to distinguish mouse feces. They are brown or black like a grain of rice.
In the case of rats, the feces are larger, perhaps the size of a raisin.

What Can We Get From Mice?

Mice are not harmless to humans. They can transmit germs that cause diseases and therefore their immediate and effective fight is necessary, as soon as you realize their presence.
And of course, occupational rodent measures called ultrasonic pest control are the surest approach to achieve your goal. Amateur solutions sometimes work, but often they aren’t sufficient and simply delay you from finding a radical solution.

Mice Elimination? Here Are The Steps

1. Locate The Mice Base In The Apartment


First, discover their nest and shelter. Search your apartment for possible holes, breaks, and crevices that may be drilling. After you discover the passage, it’s time to block it, creating obstacles.
And when we say obstacles, we do not mean papers or stones as that will not stop them there! Take care of the proper insulation of the apartment. Seal all those spots that leave open “windows” on the annoying rodents. This effective and permanent solution will block them!

2. Proper Cleanliness

As long as you leave food, crumbs, and leftovers exposed in your home or kitchen counters, the problem with mice in the house will persist. It is like inviting them to your place after you attract them to continue their work. Cover and protect food, bread, and thoroughly clean kitchen counters and cabinets.
It is also important not to leave rubbish in the trash as it is a magnet for small rodents.

3. Set Traps

Set traps or lentils. You can find them on the market either in the form of a trap that “crumpled” them or the lenses with the strong glue that immobilizes them.
Position the traps in scattered places in your apartment to make sure some of them are caught. Attract the mice with their classic food: a little cheese or melon. Alternatively, use a little corn, wheat, or dough with a little oil.
Tip 1: It is important not to give the mice the feeling that you are chasing them. These rodents are quite intelligent and sense the threat and the human presence. So be sure to catch the traps with disposable plastic gloves so that the smell of your skin does not remain on them.
Tip 2: For the same reason, that is, to trick the mice and not to suspect that you are chasing them, do not collect their feces. Let them approach the trap otherwise, they will hide and you will find it difficult to chase them.
Tip 3: It is important to regularly check the points where you have placed the traps and not to forget. The mice may have been caught and left there for days forgotten with the result that your space smells bad. 

4. Electric Ultrasonic Repellents

In the market, you will find many electrical devices like ultrasonic pest repellers that work either with tablets or with ultrasound emissions. Annoying noises can keep annoying mice away from the entrance of your home. Rodents are repelled by these sounds and do not approach.
However, this solution can work at an early stage and have preventive effects. At some point, it is proven that mice that have already penetrated your home will get used to and adapt to these sounds. So they will continue their walks undisturbed without anything stopping them.

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5. Mousetrap

A classic solution that neutralizes mice at home. The poison in them can eliminate mice, but it’s still a chemical solution that needs attention. Its smell is strong and harmful to human health, so it needs special protection. Apart from this, it is a temporary and short-term solution as it will not eliminate the mice from their nest, especially if there is more than one.

6. Annoying Odors

Naphthalene: If you don’t have direct access and you won’t be bothered by its smell, put naphthalene. Its strong and annoying smell repels mice that run away from it.
Onions: Another equally important way is to leave some onions chopped. Again, the strong smell irritates the mice and they do not approach them at all!
Greek Coffee: On low plates or trays put grated Greek coffee powder. Annoying rodents are bothered by the strange smell that makes them disappear ecologically.

Strong Mixture: Mix a few tablespoons of olive oil, a little garlic, and cayenne pepper. Put the mixture in a bottle and let it sit for a few days. Then spray the points that the mouse passes.

What Is The Best Medicine For Mice & What Do The Experts Use? 

Surely you have heard many times about “the best medicine for mice”, even from products that do not bring results. Professionals, depending on the needs of your home, use effective drugs and traps, thanks to which they will relieve you of the rodent problem, without wasting your time, or your money on solutions that may not work.
If the problem has reached the point of no return, then the process of occupational rodenticide will kill them most drastically. The specialized disinfection professionals who will perform the rodenticide, know all the secrets and techniques.
They can take on both indoor and outdoor areas to make sure the problem is eliminated. So if you did not see results from the amateur techniques, then leave the situation in the hands of experts. Get offers from the crews of our platform for the disinfection of your space and improving the quality of your life!


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