15 Simple Ways of How to Get Rid of Flies in The House

These are simple home remedies on how to get rid of flies. There are even more tricks to get this done but we had to share with you some of the Effective Ways of How to Get Rid of Flies in The House.


How to get rid of Flies without Killing them

While focusing on how to get rid of house flies, you can also take measures to repel without really killing them. Electronic or flame torches can help keep flies and other insects away from outdoor spaces, and there are plenty of natural fly repellents that you can use simultaneously for the best protection.
One common treatment uses cayenne pepper steeped in water as a spray treatment. Spritz in doorways and around windowsills and the sharp odor will keep the flies away. Pepper spray is non-toxic, but the smell may be unpleasant to some people.
Consider using common garden plants to repel flies. Strong herbs such as lavender, mint and bay leaf can be planted in window boxes to discourage flies from entering windows. You can also plant these herbs in pots and place them in the kitchen and elsewhere around the home. Flies also avoid marigolds and nasturtium, so incorporate these flowers into your garden beds or outdoor pots close to the home and its doorways to keep flies outside. While it can be helpful to find natural products to aid in fly prevention, a large-scale infestation will likely require the use of more stringent fly killers.

This is How to Get Rid of Flies in The House;

1. Fix Screens and Seal Windows

This is one effective method of how to get rid of flies in apartment. Flies can find their way into the home through very small gaps. In addition to sealing up windows, look for other places where the flies may invade. This may mean adding or replacing weather stripping around doors, keeping doors and windows closed whenever possible, and sealing gaps in corners where exterior walls meet.

2. Basil and Other Herbs 

There are some strong-smelling plants the flies just do not like. The most common one is basil which is good news for us as not only is it easy to get hold of in shops, it also has anti-bacterial and ant-viral properties creating a healthy environment for your home. Just place your basil plant anywhere in the house, preferably near an open window to deter the flies. Other plants that fly take a dislike to are lavender, mint, bay leaf, tansy, and wormwood.

3. Arrange Food Storage

Mis-managing and randomly keeping food stuffs in the house widen the chances of having more flies. Store produce and condiments in the refrigerator to help deprive flies of any food sources. Keep cereal, grains, and sugar in airtight containers with tight-fitting lids. Do not leave open drink containers or wine glasses out; once empty, rinse them with warm water to remove any sweet residue that might attract flies.

4. Clean vigilantly

If you are collecting compost material in your kitchen, be sure the receptacle has a tight-fitting lid and is emptied regularly. You may also want to use compostable bin liners to make collection easier. Clean up spilled food from floors and countertops immediately and keep an eye out for pieces of food that drop under counters or appliances while cooking. Locate potential fly breeding areas, including drains, underneath appliances, inside the dishwasher or any spot where there is moisture and food debris, and clean them thoroughly.

5. Use Essential Oils

Flies absolutely hate the smell of essential oils, in particular Eucalyptus and Lavender. Lavender oil has been used for centuries as an insect deterrent including for clothing to prevent moths from eating away at them. You can buy essential oils from any good homeopathic shop but you can also make your own.

  • Infuse fresh lavender with a carrier oil
  • Allow to infuse for 48 hours in a warm place, shaking periodically.
  • Once done, strain the plant from the oil and place in a container. You can place the oil around the house or alternatively you can use it as a spray to spread the smell around the house.

6. Maintain waste cans

Empty and Keep fresh scrub trash cans inside and out to remove any old food particles. You may even use trash can liners to help keep cans clean inside.  If you have a diaper pail, be sure to keep it tightly sealed when in use and to empty and clean it regularly. This is one sweet secret of how to get rid of flies outdoors.

7. Tidy up the Environs 

You didn’t need to be told, isn’t it? Well, this is a must practice method for everyone who wishes to safe from not just flies but other hazard. Keep dead leaves and yard waste cleaned up, as these can harbor flies. Place any manure or compost piles a minimum of 20-feet from the home to discourage flies from making a move indoors.


8. Plastic Water Bags

Hanging a bag full of water outside windows and open doors can deter flies away because of the way a fly sees it. Since a fly has a remarkable amount of lenses in each eye, this gives them the ability to detect light patterns and movement. A bag of water is reflecting light all over the place, therefore, confusing the flies and causing them to stay away.

9. Lemons and Cloves

You probably will be wondering do cloves really keep flies away? Since we know citrus fruit like lemon are a real repelant for flies, then another great way to get rid of them is to use a combination of lemon and cloves. Sometimes a Christmas tradition, inserting cloves into an orange is really easy and they can be placed anywhere in the home. You can also use many citrus fruit including lime and cloves for flies but the mixture of lemons with cloves tend to be the most effective.

10. Use Camphor

Camphor is another natural way to get rid of flies and can be bought online or from any homeopathic store. It has a very strong smell that, you guessed it, flies absolutely hate. Like basil, it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties as well as deterring insects and it comes from the wood of the Camphor Laurel tree. You usually buy it in blocks or tablets which you then place on a heated surface like a hot plate or a heat diffuser. Place these around the home preferably under open windows to let the aroma float out and send the message to the flies.

11. Homemade Fly Strips

Fly strips are a well-known way of catching flies. Although strips can be easily bought in shops, making your own is extremely easy.

  • All you need is some brown paper or card cut into strips
  • Mix 1/4 cup of golden syrup with 1/4 cup of sugar to make it very sugary.
  • Punch holes in the top of the strips and thread some string through creating a loop to hang them up.
  • Paint the sugary substance onto the strips and let it dry.
  • Hang the strips anywhere around the house and watch it work effectively.

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12. Use Honey Trap

Honey is notoriously good for trapping flies with its sweet aroma and sticky consistency and if you don’t have honey to hand then jam can work equally as well. The best way to make a honey trap is to:

  • Get a large plastic bottle and cut it in half.
  • Fill the bottom half with a mixture of honey (or jam) and water around an inch or two.
  • Turn the top half upside down and place it into the bottom half of the bottle creating a funnel. This will make it easy for the flies to enter but difficult for them to escape.
  • Place the bottle outside your window or door, or alternatively, in the house where flies are most common.

13. Fresh Orange Peel

Here is another wonderfully cheap way to get rid of flies as well as encouraging us to eat more oranges. Citrus extracts are actually used in a lot of commercial bug repellents due to its ability to deter insects. With its great fresh fragrance, orange peels can be left around the house on windowsills and beside doors to help stop flies from entering. Make sure that the peel is fresh and replace them once they’ve dried out. Make sure to rub the skins every now and then to release more of the smell and allow this remedy to last longer.
14. Fly Killer Spray (Homemade)
This is unatural but if you want to be proactive and not leave it up to traps to catch the flies, then you can make your own fly spray. The sprays we buy in the shops are full of chemicals and generally should be used in a well-ventilated room. But you can make your own effective spray that will zone in on irritating flies with the help of your washing up liquid. Washing up liquid acts as a poison without any harsh chemicals that can affect us.

  • Get an empty spray bottle and put in around 10 drops of washing up liquid.
  • Add two cups of warm water, screw on the top, and gently shake.
  • Spray directly onto the flies if you can get to them fast enough!

15. Vinegar Fly Trap

This is another massive way of how to get rid of house flies with vinegar. Vinegar attracts flies so it is a great way of luring them in and away from the rest of the house. To make a vinegar trap all you need is some apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar,  a plastic bag, a glass, and a rubber band.

  • First, pour a small amount of the vinegar into the glass, put the plastic bag over the glass, and secure with the rubber band.
  • Cut a hole in the center of the bag at the top to create an opening for the flies – make sure that the hole is big enough for the flies to enter but not big enough for the flies to escape. You can do this by pushing the plastic bag down into the glass to form a kind of funnel.
  • Place the trap anywhere where flies enter the house.



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